RED SPRING (2017) Reviews and overview

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‘Humans are the harvest’

Red Spring is a 2017 Canadian horror feature film written, produced, directed by and starring Jeff Sinasac. The movie also stars Elysia White, Adam Cronheim and Jonathan Robbins.


The world has been ravaged by vampires. A group of survivors band together to search for loved ones who may be alive, dead or something in between, eventually taking shelter in what may be the only safe hideout left to them. However, well-defended hideouts have a way of becoming prisons. And prisons aren’t the safest place to be when your friends can turn on you at any time…


Red Spring does occasionally dip toes into familiar tropes just to up the body count, but it never uses it as a crutch. The film manages to build its tension and action slowly, offering a thrilling experience despite the limitations of its budget. A pleasant surprise from beginning to end, and featuring strong performances from its ensemble cast…” Cinema Axis

“This flick wears its low budget on its sleeve, because its the only choice it has. The make-up here is terrible, its vampires looking more like Party City. Although I can see that it was trying to make a contemporary version of Count Orlok. At least the movie is trying to make vampires scary again.” In the Seats

The film’s low budget is quite evident at times and with the exception of the Nosferatu-like lead vampire (Andre Guantanamo), most of the vampires border on cheesy with their grey make-up and dark circles around their eyes. However, despite the film’s limitations, Red Spring still ends up being a solid post-apocalyptic thriller.” Sean Kelly on Movies

“From a technical point of view, the film is well made with some creepy makeup and decent cinematography but they can’t overcome the lack of a good script. And there’s no excuse for this given the fact Sinasac had fourteen years to rewrite and improve it. Instead, Red Spring is a well made but dull film that owes more to Red Dawn than I Am Legend.” Voices from the Balcony

” …the film does succeed where so many others fail—it’s sad when people die. Is it a touch too long? Yes. Does it deliver a better zombie-type plot than many zombie movies? Also yes. Red Spring’s uncommon approach to the genre is a refreshing change for anyone who’s tired of the same old zombie movie or vampire film or both.” Zombots!


Red Spring is released in select theatres and on VOD platforms from October 15th 2019.

Cast and characters:

  • Jeff Sinasac … Ray
  • Elysia White … Vicky
  • Adam Cronheim … Eric
  • Jonathan Robbins … Carlos
  • Lindsey Middleton … Bailey
  • Reece Presley … Mitchell
  • Andre Guantanamo … Vampire Leader
  • Sarah Chisholm … Vampire Gang
  • Tim Crawford … Vampire Gang
  • Glen M. Taylor … Vampire Gang
  • Fort Papalia … Vampire Gang
  • Alex Rawlings … Vampire Gang
  • Jim Peddie … Vampire Gang
  • Alanna Boucher … Pharmacy Vampire
  • Adrienne Lipson … Young Ballet Vicky

Film Facts:

Work on Red Spring initially began in 2003 and it took actor Jeff Sinasac a further fourteen years to complete his project!

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