DEMON SLAYER (2004) Reviews and overview


‘Some places are born evil. Five troubled teens are destined to fight it.’

Demon Slayer is a 2004 American supernatural horror feature film directed by James Cotten from a screenplay by Tristan Thai, based on a story by Michael B. Druxman. The movie stars Michelle Acuna, Howard Williams Jr. and Adam Huss.


Five delinquent teenagers are assigned the task of converting a long-abandoned mental hospital in South Central Los Angeles into a community center. Little do they know that the hospital is the site of centuries of supernatural mayhem and murder. Plagued by terrors beyond belief, the teenagers must fight to survive a battle where the division between the living and the dead is shattered.


“Perhaps Cotton was hoping to milk some humor from the hackneyed plot and action, but with the possible exception of the scene in which the exorcist priest tries to dispel demons by calling on “the name of God and Frida Kahlo and [etc]”, Demon Slayer instigates less smiles or laughter than it does derisive raspberries. ” A Wasted Life

Demon Slayer might’ve been interesting if any demons actually showed up in the first hour or so, especially considering the film clocks in at less than 80 minutes. Instead, we get a bunch of bickering and people just “seeing things” for a mind-numbing stretch of time. To its credit, the movie tries to spice things up with some humor…” Black Horror Movies

“There is a little bit of demon action at the end but not nearly enough. “Demon Slayer” relies on the actors to bring the drama. Bad call. They weren’t bad actors but Lord they weren’t good. There should have been more demons and less drama.” Doctor Gore’s Movie Reviews

“The sad part is it had potential…’s not original, but what is? It just didn’t follow up on its premise at all and hell, no one watches a movie named Demon Slayer without wanting to see cheap scares, bloody deaths and well, demons. You won’t get that here.” Have a Cold One!

Choice dialogue:

Mr. Cobb: “I don’t need no pansies rollin’ around in god damned man love.”

Tamara: “That’s a problem I have with organised religion. God ain’t like that.”

Cast and characters:

  • Michelle Acuna … Alicia / Elodia
  • Howard Williams Jr. … Tyson
  • Adam Huss … Phillip
  • Hanna Lee … Claudia
  • Monique Deville … Tamara
  • Robert Eaton … Father Patricio
  • Joaquín Garrido … Father Enrique
  • Layon Gray … Mr. Cobb
  • Deitre Courchesne … Judge Vickers
  • Gretchen Kammerer … 19th Century Brothel Girl
  • Colleen Butler … 19th Century Brother Girl
  • Erica Cordova … 19th Century Brothel Girl
  • Heidi Abures … 19th Century Brothel Girl
  • Sarah Trost … 19th Century Brothel Girl
  • Lucy Howng … 19th Century Brothel Girl

Fun Facts:

The German title is Evil Scream

The original title was Day of the Dead

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