THE HOARD (2018) Reviews and overview


‘A life and death intervention.’

The Hoard is a 2018 Canadian comedy horror feature film directed by Jesse Thomas Cook (Septic Man) and Matt Wiele (Exit Humanity) from a screenplay co-written with Tony Burgess (Pontypool) who also stars. The movie also headlines Lisa Solberg, Barry More, Ry Barrett and Elma Begovic.


A “reality tv crew” have created a show named Extremely Haunted Hoarders and plan to explore a series of condemned houses. The crew hopes to get one particularly notorious hoarder back on his feet. However, this might be impossible with the amount of trash and dead bodies, housed inside his buildings…

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“Being overlong and bloated given the styles of shows it’s emulating, The Hoard starts well, but ultimately gets lost in silliness. If you’re a fan of a certain brand of comedy then you’ll have the time of your life, otherwise you may find the whole affair rather unsavoury.” The Hollywood News

Cast and characters:

  • Lisa Solberg … Sheila Smyth
  • Tony Burgess … Doctor Lance Ebe
  • Barry More … Himself
  • Ry Barrett … Caleb Black
  • Elma Begovic … Chloe Black
  • Marcus Ludlow … Derek ‘Duke’ Jago
  • Justin Darmanin … The Falcon
  • Charles Ivey … Himself
  • Jesse Thomas Cook … Officer Shane Chapman
  • Kirk Haviland … Thrift Shop Employee


The Hoard had its world premiere in Toronto on November 25th, at the Blood in the Snow Film Festival.