THE EYE OF SATAN (1988) Reviews and overview

‘Is he Man, Beast or both? Kane is the soldier of Satan’

The Eye of Satan is a 1988 British supernatural crime-horror feature film directed by David Kent-Watson (Into the Darkness; G.B.H.) from a screenplay by Cliff Twemlow [as Mike Sullivan] (Moonstalker – aka Predator: The Quietus; The Pike project) who also stars. The movie also features Ginette Gray, Max Beesley Snr and Brett Sinclair.


In Manchester, Northern England, a hit-man is assigned to protect the daughter of a local gangster after her life is threatened by a rival organisation. When the hit-man is double-crossed by his employers he wreaks violent supernatural revenge…

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“Keeping things moving was director David Kent-Watson, a Twemlow regular who had already directed GBH and Target: Eve Island for the Mancunian.  His direction brings an air professionalism to the film, conjuring up a tense atmosphere which permeates the movie with with a plapable sense of unease and menace. Bearing in mind the minuscule budget he was working with, Kent-Watson also achieves some memorable and highly effective sequences.” Sleaze Diary

Cast and characters:

  • Cliff Twemlow … Kane [as Mike Sullivan]
  • Ginette Gray … Christine Stringer
  • Max Beesley Snr. … Chief Inspector Pete Chase [as Maxton G. Beesley]
  • Brett Sinclair … Sgt. Peters [as Brett Paul]
  • Paul Flanagan … Bronstein [as Paul Hamilton]
  • John Saint Ryan … Camille Muhamed
  • David Roth … Father Galan [as David Rankin]
  • Heather Alexander … Mary Chase
  • Steve Powell … Daniel Hunter
  • Liam Leslie … Steve Stringer
  • Leo Atkin … Ed Stringer
  • Terry Cundall … Mr. Big
  • Stan Finni … The Demonologist
  • Jeremy Philips … Pathologist


The Eye of Satan was passed by British censors the BBFC, on 21st February 1992, at 76m 59s with one second cut for distribution by H.E. Video.


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