DARK MOON RISING (2015) Reviews and overview

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‘Pray for the sunrise’

Dark Moon Rising is a 2015 American supernatural horror feature film written and directed by Justin Price (Alien: Reign of ManThe 13th FridayThe ElfForsaken). The Pikchure Zero Entertainment production stars Anastasia Antonia, Eric Roberts, Khu and Billy Blanks.


A group of shape-shifting werewolves appear in a small town in search of a mysterious girl who is re-born once every 2000 years. In order to save their kind from the brink of extinction, they must capture her before she becomes a fully-fledged Lycan and reclaim her place as the Alpha species.

Unknown to them, however, lurks yet another of her kind secretly living in the same small town. If they can capture both, then they would have the power to control a new species of werewolves and enslave the human race…


“There was way too much background noise and music that made the lines/dialog hard to hear. The acting is atrocious, the screenplay is a disaster zone, editing is terrible, werewolves were a dreadful mess, shots did not transition well, terrible music, horrendous CGI, and cheesy everything.” Florita A., Hell Horror

“It maintains a steady hold on those watching but can definitely loosen the grip a little to pave way for some quippy one-liners and covers all the bases of a werewolf franchise in the making. A good, solid story with quintessential special effects that add finishing touches to an otherwise pretty good movie. ” The Movie Sleuth

” …fatally, for all its everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach, Dark Moon Rising forgoes that vital quality that made all those classic werewolf films before it so memorable; namely, the human heart that beats beneath the bloody pelt of the beast. Not quite beware the moon, but Dark Moon Rising nonetheless stops just short of being something to truly howl about.” Benjamin Poole, The Movie Waffler

“Many of the character interactions are nonsense. Most of the time, it feels like the characters are reading from different scripts as more than half of the things they say to each other don’t seem related. The actors also have a bad habit of mumbling their lines, making the dialogue hard to hear. Complicating this problem is poor sound editing. Many times, the dialogue is drowned out by music or background noises.” Rachel Willis, Screen Relish

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” …it features rather odd jumps in time, leaves out important passages, leaves things half-explained and also changes between its characters’ fantasy and their reality without warning. Oddly enough then, all of this hardly spoils the movie’s enjoyability, as the whole thing is very well structured and paced, features cool set-pieces aplenty, and is carried by interesting (and well-played) characters.” Mike Haberfelner, Search My Trash

“The film is rife with terrible CGI effects used for everything from fire, to blood, to x-ray vision (don’t ask- I can’t explain it). In fact the film opens with a CGI tanker truck on (CGI) fire followed by a CGI werewolf. The werewolves inexplicably all have super powers. One of them named Gecko (no I’m not kidding) has a poison breath attack…” Che Gilson, UK Horror Scene

Cast and characters:

  • Anastasia Antonia … Dawn [as Stasi Esper]
  • Eric Roberts … Henrick
  • Khu … Kaio
  • Billy Blanks … Sheriff Tom
  • Justin Price … Sin
  • Cameron White … Chace
  • Lisa May … Feighn
  • Matthew Simmons … Gecko
  • Timea Saghy … Danse
  • Jared Allman … James
  • Emily Bedford … Lisa (voice)
  • Deanna Grace Congo … Amy
  • Michele Gourdine … Lisa
  • Sasha Higgins … Dominique
  • Katie Lee Mayo … College Student [as Katie Mayo]


In the US, released on digital and DVD on August 4, 2015, by Uncork’d Entertainment.

Film Facts:

Not to be confused with the 2009 werewolf movie of the same name.

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