TERROR TOONS III: HERSCHELL’S GORY STORY (2015) Reviews and overview


‘In the cartoon dimension… anything is possible.’

Terror Toons III: Herschell’s Gory Story – aka Terror Toons 3 – is a 2015 American comedy horror feature film directed by Joe Castro (Terror Toons and sequel) from a screenplay co-written with Steven J. Escobar. The movie stars director Herschell Gordon Lewis, Beverly Lynne, Lizzy Borden and Lizet Garcia.


Cindy and her little sister Candy are still fighting the good fight against evil Doctor Carnage and his abominable sidekick, Max Assassin, with the help of their friends. Enter the darken, kaleidoscope coloured world of the cartoon dimension where anything is possible. Where everyone is subject to a blood-splattered crazy cartoon death…


“We get some cool bloody death scenes and while several are a little too out there and over the top (the one with the breast enlargement comes to mind immediately) they are still fun in their own zany way for the most part. Even though the biggest majority of them are weird and wacky they are still pretty brutal and bloody at the same time…” HNN

“There’s so much computer-generated trash on screen at any given moment that it literally becomes incomprehensible visual gibberish, and not in the questionably arty-farty style of Alejandro Jodorowsky.  This thing is a veritable dog’s breakfast on your television screen.  At times it felt like it was procedurally generated by some sort of twisted artificial intelligence hell-bent on extracting its vengeance on mankind.” Nightmarish Conjurings

“There is not much plot, and it is more about the various insane segments of splattery mayhem, anything-goes fantasy, and random violence, and, obviously, actors act over-the-top while the scenery chews them. Once again, terrible and entertaining at the same time.” The Worldwide Celluloid Massacre

Cast and characters:

  • Herschell Gordon Lewis … Himself
  • Beverly Lynne … Cindy
  • Lizzy Borden … Candy
  • Lizet Garcia … Sheriff Hate
  • Jonah Nemetz … Red
  • Brashaad Mayweather … Bad Wolf
  • Robert Rhine … Doctor / TV Host
  • Mike Mendez … Police Chief
  • Brinke Stevens … Pandora

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