TRUTH OR DOUBLE DARE (2018) Reviews and overview


‘Some grudges never die.’

Truth or Double Dare is a 2018 American horror feature film directed by Shaquita Smith from a screenplay by Dea Divi. The Loud Films production stars Maia Kavchak, Alyx Libby, Gina Hiraizumi, Austin Chunn, Drew Stephenson, Caleb J. Spivak, Tevon Plunkett, Jake Levin, Jilian McLendon and Shaquita Smith.


The graduating class of 2006 gets together for their ten-year reunion party. But suddenly, classmates start dying, and all the murderous mayhem is focused around a deadly game of truth or dare…


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It’s extremely well written, and most of the cast is excellent, especially Maia Kavchak as Egypt, the high-school mean girl turned… adult mean girl […] The film does what a good chunk of horror films don’t anymore; it makes the horror and suspense come from the actual story rather than the gore.” Film Threat

Cast and characters:

  • Gina Hiraizumi … Claudia
  • Shaquita Smith … Pamela Walker
  • Leslie Black … Myra
  • Alyx Libby … Michelle
  • Drew Stephenson … Rashad
  • Caleb J. Spivak … Jonathan
  • Austin Chunn … Alex
  • Tevon Plunkett … Chig
  • Maia Kavchak … Egypt
  • Jake Levin … Lucas
  • Benny Demus … DJ Encore
  • Mai-Lynn Yim … Amber
  • Morgan Henard … Party Guy
  • Jilian McLendon … Felicia
  • Patrick Grissett … Drunk Guy

Filming locations:

Atlanta, Georgia