NUN (2017) Reviews and overview

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‘Old habits die hard.’

Nun – formerly titled Gas Light – is a 2017 American mystery horror film directed by Chad Dossett from a screenplay co-written with Chuck Cuellar. The movie stars Julianna Robinson, William McNamara and Kirsten Roeters.


A troubled nun, Sister Gracie Rose (Julianna Robinson), attempts to confront the haunts of her past by visiting an old flame in a distant city. Along the way she stops in a desolate river town to retrieve an item from a storage facility and finds herself trapped after hours in the partially renovated old building…


Cast and characters:

Julianna Robinson … Sister Gracie Rose
William McNamara … Doctor Ernest Hancock
Kirsten Roeters … Clementine
Benjamin Alan … Johnny
Jeffrey Johnson … Hospital Policeman
Mark Jorgensen … Shawneetown Man
Angel Stone … Shawneetown Woman
Kenny Rice … Himself
Claire Cetera … Singer
Aaron Mackey … St. Ambrose Boy
Courtney Mackey … St. Ambrose Girl
Emily Spalding … Screaming Woman
Joshua Lee … Aaron Murphy
Alan McBride … Attendant
Jordan Stephan … Shawneetown Policeman

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