PATIENT 27 (2014) Overview


Patient 27 – original title: Paciente 27 – is a 2014 Mexican horror feature film written and directed by Alejandro G. Alegre (El diablo me dijo qué hacer; Inicuo: The Brotherhood). The movie stars Marcos Duarte, Isaac Perez Calzada and Itzel Enciso.


After accepting temporary work in a laboratory Cesar begins to notice strange events related to the treatment of a patient with the number 27, this disturbs him the extent of causing insomnia and hallucinations. Isela and Marcos, his coworkers attribute this to the Cesar fatigue, however, the real reason for these views is more real and dangerous than they think…

Cast and characters:

  • Marcos Duarte … Cesar
  • Isaac Perez Calzada … Marcos
  • Itzel Enciso Itzel Enciso … Isela
  • Ángel Garnica … Don Mario
  • Alejandro G. Alegre … Cuñado
  • Fernanda Borches … Pareja de Cesar
  • Roberto G. Alegre … Vigilante
  • Enrique Villanueva … Paciente 17
  • Oscar Evohe … Tipo de bar
  • Clarissa Rendón … Doctora Silvia

Running time:

85 minutes