BIG BAD BUGS aka THE VORTEX (2012) Reviews and overview

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‘Gate to Armageddon’

Big Bad Bugs – aka The Vortex – is a 2012 American science fiction horror feature film directed by Peter Paul Basler from a screenplay co-written with Cary Anderson (Blood Sisters short; Incubator). The movie stars Jack Plotnick, Sarah Lieving, Ted Jonas, Camden Toy and Bo Kane.


After a convoy of American soldiers disappears, a special ops team is deployed to rescue them. They soon encounter an army of gigantic scorpions, spiders and snakes that have come to Earth from another dimension…


“Though the film is, to be polite, 100% piffle, I still have to give everyone involved credit for at least trying. If you’re a fan of cheesy b-movies movies, you might also want to give the The Vortex a try.” Dread Central

” …it’s a terrible movie. The script is a disaster, the acting is barely tolerable and the CGI is perfectly laughable. But the whole thing just kind of…works, y’know?” Horror News

The final battle, with two giant talking snakes, is pretty cool but, considering the holding pattern that was the previous 40 minutes of the movie, it could have stood to be a little longer. Quite a lot of the important stuff – like why the vortex was there and what it was doing – was undercooked too.” International Syndicate of Cult Film Critics

Main cast and characters:

  • Jack Plotnick … William Marx
  • Sarah Lieving … Catherine Deckert
  • Ted Jonas … Steven Raiger
  • Camden Toy … Sydney Gerber
  • Bo Kane … Captain Rogers
  • Devon Ogden … Wilson
  • Randy Clark … Jones
  • Kris Wheeler … Corporal Tyler Nichols
  • Steve Silverie … Webber
  • Tyler McGee … Rifleman Lewis
  • Andre Tenerelli … Army Ranger O’Connell
  • Michael Monks … General Banks
  • Don Williams … Colonel Reed
  • Kenny Lombino … CIA Director
  • Carmen Thomas … CIA Officer
  • Camille Thomas … Military Liaison
  • Aidan Marus … Communications Officer
  • Kaila Borne … Military Personnel
  • Santino Acheronti … Military Personnel
  • Steve Suh … Dan Johnson
  • Phillip Andre Botello … Jack Richards
  • Jake Gulitz … John Houston
  • Zack Tiegen … Mark Firek
  • Val Tasso … Jesus Gomez
  • Drea Castro … Kerrie Anderson
  • Simon Peter Deveer … Allen Smithee [as Simon DeVeer]
  • Eve Mauro … Tracy Cavanaugh

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