Remote Viewing – USA, 2018 – overview

‘You never know who is watching’

Remote Viewing is a 2018 American science fiction horror feature film directed by Stuart Paul (Nun’s Deadly Confession; Heaven & Hell). The SP Releasing production stars Sarah Agor, Karoly Bieganowski, Andrea Corscadden, Tim Dax, Tony Gilbert and Paul Issac.


A son and his friends follow his father’s vision that he saw through “remote viewing”. His father believes that people have a psychic ability to perceive objects beyond the realm of ordinary senses by tapping into the electromagnetic signals that people and objects give off.

After trying to teach a failed class in remote viewing, the gang packs up in search of a treasure they saw through a series of drawings they drew using these psychic abilities. The frightening thing is that some of the drawings suggest danger is in store for their group before they can claim the hidden money…


  • Sarah Agor
  • Karoly Bieganowski
  • Andrea Corscadden
  • Tim Dax
  • Tony Gilbert
  • Paul Issac
  • Stuart Paul


Niko V. Hickman … associate producer
Robert Pergament … co-producer
Sweta Rai … co-producer
Lenny Rosenberg … assistant producer

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