CROCODILE 2: DEATH SWAMP (2002) Reviews and overview


Crocodile 2: Death Swamp aka Crocodile 2: Death Roll is a 2002 American horror feature film directed by Gary Jones (Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul BunyanJolly Roger: Massacre at Cutter’s Cove; SpidersMosquito) from a screenplay co-written by Jace Anderson (Fertile GroundMother of TearsMortuary; et al) and Adam Gierasch (AutopsyCrocodileNight of the Demons; et al), based on a story by Boaz Davidson (Day of the Dead: BloodlineOctopusX-Ray). The movie stars Heidi Lenhart, Chuck Walczak, Jon Sklaroff and Darryl Theirse.

The film is a obviously a loose sequel to Crocodile, directed by Tobe Hooper in 2000.


A gang of bank robbers carrying stolen money and gold hijacks a plane to Acapulco during a thunderstorm. The plane crashes in a massive Mexican swamp, where the surviving passengers are terrorised by a giant crocodile…


Crocodile 2 suffers from terrible dramatics, spiced with terrible comedy and even worse attempts at characterisation. Logic is completely absent, like given the location the movie should feature giant caimans. There’s really, really bad ADR…” Digital Retribution

“Make no mistake: this is an awful movie, one carpeted with atrocious acting, shoddy special effects, derivative and formulaic plot devices and an overall air of…well, cheapness. But if a movie is so awful that it entertains for 90 minutes – that flick still deserves a half-hearted compliment.” eFilmCritic

“The gore and special makeup effects by Robert Hall aren’t terrible, though the appearance of the croc itself alternates between the stunning, practical prop of a 6-foot, fang-filled head – and discount, computer-generated imagery that is noticeably unrealistic.” Gone with the Twins

“The animatronic crocodile looks mean enough when it’s called upon for a few shots. It’s not used very often and the remainder of the croc’s screen time consists of some ropey CGI. Whilst this wouldn’t be much of a problem if the film was shot mainly during the day like the original, the film is shot mainly at night where you can’t see much of what is going on anyway.” Popcorn Pictures

“With an entertaining first third, an actually unexpected first attack and better effects than the original (they’re better in the dark as the pure daylight shot crocs look crappy) this showed a little bit of promise; but as with most of the films coming from Nu Image this soon gets too stupid for its own good and is pretty weak with an extremely sloppy finale.” The Video Graveyard

“Most of C2 is devoted to the asshole bank robbers being abusive to the plane crash survivors.  You know, I could take the annoying teenage characters from the first movie with a grain of salt but these bank robber characters reach a new level of annoying.  It wouldn’t have been so bad if the crocodile ate them in a timely manner.” The Video Vacuum

Choice dialogue:

Max: “Shut the fck up! Now, I’m tired of hearing about this motherfcking crocodile!”

Cast and characters:

  • Heidi Lenhart … Mia (as Heidi Noelle Lenhart) – Addams Family Reunion; Deadly SinsCreepy Crawlers animated TV series
  • Chuck Walczak … Zach
  • Jon Sklaroff … Sol
  • Darryl Theirse … Max
  • David Valcin … Justin
  • James Parks … Squid
  • Martin Kove … Roland
  • Steven Moreno … Brian (as Steve Moreno)
  • Billy Rieck … Pete
  • Anna Cranage … Julie
  • Dan Martin … Pilot
  • Sean Euro Sean Euro … Sean
  • Suzanne Thirumur … Reese
  • Teea Laitinen … Amanda
  • Lalith Sharma … Federale
  • Vinay Shanker Ponde … Bartender
  • Eddy Chamichian … Co-Pilot
  • Rachel Henry … Injured Passenger
  • Alison Learned Wolf … Counter Attendant (as Alison Learned)
  • Amera Pasha … News Reporter

Filming locations:

Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad, India