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‘Millions of years of evolution have just become man’s worst nightmare.’
Mosquito is a 1994 American science-fiction horror film directed by Gary Jones (Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan; Boogeyman 3; Ghouls; Jolly Roger: Massacre at Cutter’s Cove; et al) from a screenplay co-written with cinematographer Tom Chaney and Steve Hodge.

The movie stars Gunnar Hansen and Ron Asheton, the lead guitarist for the proto-punk rock band The Stooges.

When an alien spaceship crash lands in a swamp, mosquitoes become mutated. The mosquitoes grow to enormous size and attack campers in a remote northern wilderness…

“Entering in with low expectations is best, Mosquito is a perfunctory creature feature diversion that’s far less annoying than the myriad of cheapo killer mother nature flicks to have come since.” Basement of Ghoulish Decadence

Mosquito is a classically bad monster movie with a low budget, and a neat idea. It delivers giant mosquitoes sucking on humans regardless of its limitations, and amounts to a very memorable guilty pleasure.” Cinema Crazed 

“Drenched in blood, guts, and giant bugs, Gary Jones’s Mosquito is so close to being a great horror movie that it’s truly depressing the film didn’t take itself more seriously and the actors didn’t take more lessons. The film opts for a high level of camp, but never drifts far enough into the clever comedy realm of Arachnophobia or Tremors to attain a more prestigious cult classic status.” Gone with the Twins

“Some of the prosthetic effects in the death scenes are impressive enough and most likely where the film threw most of its budget. It’s a pity the majority of the rest probably went to securing Hansen himself, as these effects are the best things about the movie.” Paul Williams, Horror Newt

” …this is such a shallow yet fun film that there isn’t much to discuss. When you see a title likeMosquito, you have an idea that there isn’t going to be much depth in the production. The pic is designed to be brainless entertainment and it most certainly is. It’s one of those so-bad-it’s-good kind of features, and sometimes we really need that.” Horrorfreak News

“The acting… bad, the special effects… horrid, the humor… absurd, the plot… non-existent, the musical score… unbearable, and yet this movie is awesomely bad. Mosquito takes everything about a bad film and makes it great.” Mr. Gable’s Reality

“Sure, some of the effect scenes are a bit hurried, and the acting is so-so, but at least Gary Jones shows us the goods, the fun and gore. The first part is like Friday the 13th but with mosquitos, and the last half is Night of the Living Dead but with… yes, you know what I mean. The tongue is firmly placed in the cheek without becoming pure silliness. It’s camp, but camp the right way…” Ninja Dixon

“Yes, Mosquito is ludicrous, cheap, and pretty amateurish, but these sort of things don’t matter when the filmmakers involved actually give a damn. Mosquito obviously comes from a place of affection for this sort of Z-grade schlock and isn’t out to mock it. Rather, it’s a spiritual successor to 50s giant bug movies, right down to the preposterous inciting incident.” Oh, the Horror!

” …this is a movie that has held up well for those of us who enjoy this sort of thing, particularly in the special effects department. Granted it’s not in any danger of winning any awards, but the filmmakers actually try to make it as good as they can with limited means and it is a lot of fun because of it.” Video Junkie


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Synapse Films released a 20th Anniversary Edition of Mosquito on October 13, 2015.
Audio Commentary
Bugging Out! – The Making of Mosquito
Deleted/Extended Scenes
Behind-the-Scenes Footage
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Cast and characters:
Gunnar Hansen … Earl – Death House; Harpoon: Reykjavik Whale Watching MassacreRepligator; Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers; The Demon Lover; The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
Ron Asheton … Ranger Hendricks – Wendigo
Tim Lovelace … Ray
Rachel Loiselle … Megan
Steve Dixon … Doc Parks
Mike Hard … Junior
Kenny Mugwump … Rex
John Reneaud … Tony
Josh Becker … Steve
Margaret Gomoll … Mary
Guy Sanville … Chief F. B. Morrow

Filming locations:

Film facts:
The original title was Skeeters. However, as another film named Skeeter, which had a similar concept about killer mosquitoes, was already recently produced, the title was changed to Blood Fever. During post-production, it was renamed Night Swarm, and was later finally changed to Mosquito.

The most expensive shot in the film was stock footage of a mosquito being born, shown in the opening scene. It cost $1,500.


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