Penny Palabras – USA, 2018 – overview

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‘The Straw Man wakes you. The nightmares take you.’

Penny Palabras is a 2018 supernatural horror feature film directed by Ken Carlson from a screenplay co-written with Sean Driscoll and James B. Willard. The movie stars Deena Ingley, Bill Read Jr. and Alyssa Kay.


Penny is searching for ways to banish the Straw Man and protect her family. While seeking solutions, she meets The Librarian, who always seems to know something more than she lets on.

The Librarian introduces Penny to The Pawn Broker, a trader of supernatural and rare artefacts, and the Pawn Broker lends Penny the Spectacular Revolver, which Penny plans on using to generate a ghost accomplice that can help her fight against the Straw Man.

Penny’s actions come to the attention of a Tiger Devil with a mysterious interest in how things will play out. The Tiger Devil offers to help Penny, but she knows that the assistance of such a powerful creature comes with a cost and that devils are not to be trusted…

Penny Paramblas is currently available via Amazon Prime Instant Video.

Cast and characters:

  • Deena Ingley … Penny Palabras
  • Bill Read Jr. … The Straw Man
  • Alyssa Kay … The Tiger Devil
  • Susan Echols-Orton … The Librarian
  • Ben Leiataua … Colton Palabras
  • Emilie Rommel Shimkus … Valerie Palabras
  • John Lyons Beck … The Pawn Broker
  • Ken Carlson … The Sleep Mechanic
  • Ethan Grabowski … Stevan Cernik
  • Morgen Johnson … Frank the Firefighter
  • Andrew Scott McIntyre … The Bear Devil
  • Lauren McKean … Vanessa Pionek
  • Cameron Lee Price … Tony the Firefighter
  • Samantha Taylor … Julie Mendoza
  • Chad Thomason … Marvin The Bartender
  • Jessi Williams … Cafe Server

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