THE EMERYVILLE EXPERIMENTS (2016) Reviews and overview


‘They only keep the ones they need’

The Emeryville Experiments is a 2016 American horror feature film written and directed by Indian-born Pritesh N. Chheda (For Sale By Owner). The movie stars Don Daro, Eric Reinholt and Deborah Abbott.


When their car crashes, four college students seek help in Emeryville – a dilapidated village. Newcomers discover that place was once a ground for clinical experiments gone awry and plot an escape. They find themselves hunted by crazies…


“In The Emeryville Experiments you get very little concrete creep factor throughout the film. Sequences are loosely tied together and you’re face f*cked by the editing into understanding something isn’t quite right but you just don’t know what that is yet […] Everything is just so unkempt and effortlessly sloppy. ” Dead Puppy

“There’s a very amateurish quality to this film that can’t be denied: the lack of proper mise-en-scene, odd music cues that come and go in a comical manner, and the acting. The look of the film suggests it was shot on an older model consumer mini-DV camera. The poor image quality I didn’t mind so much. The rest, on the other hand, made for a particular viewing experience.” Horror News

“There are too many unrelated stodgy impassioned dialogues that pointlessly drag a scene or two. Quite a few illogical occasions create loose ends making the film all the more trivial. The cinematography along with the editing could have been way better. ” Leaky Loonage

“The plot is an incoherent mishmash. There seems no conviction to the dialogue. The acting from the principal actors is unprofessional and frequently seems to be straining in matters like basic everyday conversations. You get the impression that Pritesh Chheda obtained the use of a Western recreation town somewhere and wrote the film accordingly…” Moria

Cast and characters:

  • Don Daro … Trevor
  • Eric Reinholt … Doctor Kowolski
  • Deborah Abbott … Townfolk
  • Nardeep Khurmi … Justin
  • Brett Brock … Mayor Smith
  • Mark Reininga … Ethan Wolf
  • Tess Cline … Christie
  • Rebecca Chulew … Townsperson
  • Shayla Bagir … Reagan
  • Jacob Bitzer … Cole
  • Pritesh Chheda … Andy
  • D.J. Morrison … Scar
  • David Sturgeon … Barber
  • Dan Eggleston … Dwarfy
  • Isabel Riley … Townsperson
  • Taylar Riley … Townsperson
  • Shara Loverlady … Townperson
  • Isla Riley … Townsperson
  • J. Grace Pennington … Townsperson
  • Veronica Plata … Townsperson
  • Shara Lovelady … Townperson

Fun Facts:

The original title was Emeryville

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