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‘After school is when the real fun begins’

Extracurricular is a 2018 Canadian slasher horror feature film directed by Ray Xue from a screenplay written by Matthew Abrams and Padgett Arango. The September17Studio production stars Keenan Tracey, Brittany Raymond, Spencer Macpherson, Brittany Teo, Stephen Bogaert, Emmanuel Kabongo and Luke Goss (Lost Time; Unearthed; Frankenstein TV series).


Miriam, Derek, Ian, and Jenny are overachieving high school students doing everything by the book. Straight A’s, sports, yearbook, band, and – when coursework allows – planning and executing elaborate murders…


Samuel Goldwyn Films released Extracurricular on 17th January on most online digital platforms across the United States, and will release the movie on DVD on 18th February 2020.

In the UK, Signature Entertainment has released Extracurricular on Amazon Prime.

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Extracurricular stays gripping and has lots of things to keep its audience interested. A bit of subtext certainly wouldn’t have hurt the film, as the audience doesn’t really get the opportunity to connect with its cast, but in the end, there are enough shocks to thrill horror fans” BRWC

” …this is a coming of age story with a difference, inviting viewers to think about what their choices mean not just for who they are now but for who they might become. Despite this, it never feels preachy. It’s fast-paced, witty and sometimes sexy, a seductive package with a deceptively smart core…” Eye for Film

Extracurricular is a fittingly mean-spirited little movie that refuses to soften the edges of its youthful killers and instead doubles down on their particular brand of nihilism. They’re never portrayed as victims, but their predicament grows increasingly engaging as their latest kill goes sideways in brutal and bloody ways.” Film School Rejects

“I’m glad it never answers the most obvious question: why do it? Nihilism? Bad home lives? It never tells us or tries to give a simple justification, because sometimes we don’t want to know. Just like we don’t want to know why we sort of want them to win. Very good film, and one that’s sure to be a conversation starter.” Horror Cult Films

“The theme of bored, otherwise unremarkable millennials slaughtering those simply unfortunate enough to fall under their radar allows the film to explore the well-trodden genre territory of banal, everyday evil. The finale trades in contrivance and bleak irony, hammering home an overall sense of helplessness.” Horrorscreams Videovault

“Well acted, clever, and surprisingly bleak, Extracurricular offers an interesting twist on the usual ‘lumbering axe murderer going after teens’ subgenre as the tables are turned and it’s the young who prey on those older than them, solely for the purpose of kicks. Definitely worth a watch…” House of Mortal Cinema

“The script is the real problem here at the entire narrative plays out in a super severe manner for all 89 minutes and by the end of it all, no one really cares what happens.  Sure the ensemble cast is relatively inexperienced but they all do their best and the tease of Luke Goss is exactly that because he’s barely in it.” In the Seats

“It rather underplays its horrors, keeping its moral vacuum lead characters at a distance, but does tell a typical stalk-menace-slash story from the POV of the killers rather than the victims. The kids have problems carrying out their kills, and the plot of the film has events escalating out of their control – and, inevitably, the horror coming home with them.” The Kim Newman Web Site

” …this was a real treat for me. And most of that comes down to the incredible performances from the four leads. Each brings something entirely unique to the table, and you really end up empathizing with each of them, despite knowing they are unrepentant irredeemable serial killers.” Nightmarish Conjurings

Extracurricular is a film that is both for and about people who watch slasher films just to cheer for the killer […] the film builds up to a much darker and blood-soaked ending that will probably leave a bad taste for anyone who isn’t already a complete sociopath.” Sean Kelly on Movies

” …Extracurricular is like Riverdale if it had the balls to go properly dark, or if it was less concerned with selling Funko Pops. Dark, funny, thrilling, and loaded with YA menace, this is a refreshingly modern take on typical slasher tropes that sticks the landing without having to go anywhere near the big dance.” Wicked Horror

” …has no narrative flow and looks like a series of decent action scenes connected by pointless dialogue; all of it leading to a conclusion that makes the concept of nonsense seem coherent. Without giving too much away, Extracurricular’s ending is a dangerous one in today’s political climate, and not in a provocative way.” Wylie Writes

Ray Xue directing the four leads in Extracurricular (2018)

Cast and characters:

  • Keenan Tracey … Derek Gordon
  • Brittany Raymond … Miriam Randall
  • Spencer Macpherson … Ian Gordon
  • Brittany Teo … Jenny Kyoko
  • Stephen Bogaert … Kirk Randall
  • Emmanuel Kabongo … Mike Vanden
  • Luke Goss … Alan Gordon
  • Joshua Joel Bailey … Mr Vollman
  • Richard Clarkin … Dave Lauderback
  • Madeleine Claude … Gina
  • Suzanne Cyr … Katherine Lauderback
  • Trisha Larocque … Body double
  • Shanel Maida … Layla
  • Jean Paul Najm … Ray
  • Rachel Noel-Gard … Forensic background


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