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‘Nothing stays buried forever’

Unearthed is a 2006 American horror feature film, directed by Matthew Leutwyler (Dead & Breakfast) and starring Emmanuelle Vaugier (Saw II) and Luke Goss (Frankenstein, 2004). This monster movie opened on November 9, 2007 as one of the “8 Films to Die For” in the After Dark Films Horrorfest.

After a sinister crash on the highway in a small New Mexican town, people start disappearing and animals begin dying. The cause of the crash is later revealed to be a 900-year old creature which was unearthed during an archaeological dig in the area.

Meanwhile, a gas station owner informs a group of people that the gas tank never arrived, which meant that the small group needed to spend the night at the gas station. Sheriff Annie is called to investigate the crash and finds a strange piece of evidence. Annie then takes it to the gas station, where Nodin investigates it. It is clearly not human and has many elements of DNA in it…


“Once in a while you will see the creature running towards people but it is so dark that you only really see an outline of it so you would think that the CGI effects people would have gotten it right. Instead, you can clearly tell that it is a CGI effect and it is even worse when you can make out the creature. The creature itself doesn’t look half bad when it isn’t moving too much. Another high is some of the gore effects. These were well done but there isn’t a lot of them.’ Mermaid Heather

“Matthew Leutwyler must have read the chapter of “Screenwriting for Dummies” entitled “Writing a Clichéd Horror Movie” quite a few times before making Unearthed. He knows the recipe by heart…” Written in Blood

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