The Seven – UK, 2019 – overview


The Seven is a 2019 British horror feature film written and directed by Richard Colton (editor of Alien UprisingStrippers vs. Werewolves). The movie stars Dean Cain, Robert Wilde, Amar Adatia and Ayesha De Garci.


Sixty years ago, a group of devil worshippers died in a mysterious fire that burnt their mansion down to the ground. Now, years later, a college stands on the same site.

Victoria is am exotic dancer who has fallen in love with Harry, five years her junior, and still at college. She has decided that she wants one night of passion in the arms of her love and if the age gap means he can’t provide that then she will dump him.

Harry, with the help of his friend Luke, sets about creating the ultimate romantic night in their college. However Victoria’s friends hear about Harry’s ridiculous plans and plot to sabotage the evening’s events.

The Seven all turn up at the college but unfortunately end up getting locked in by the ‘live in caretaker’ Squeaky…

Cast and characters:

  • Dean Cain … High Priest Asael
  • Robert Wilde … Harry
  • Amar Adatia … Alvah
  • Ayesha De Garci … Victoria
  • Dave Courtney … Billy ‘Squeaky’ Phillips
  • Amber Doig-Thorne … Lindsey
  • Luke Higgins … Luke
  • Jess Impiazzi … Ashleigh
  • Josh Harwood … Janis
  • Ayvianna Snow … Chloe
  • Tony Fadil … Pc Cole
  • Shizzio … Pc Peters
  • Sinitta … Ms Keen
  • Gary Webster … Mr. Williams
  • Joanna Andr … Sally
  • Christopher Jenner Cole … Fireman Luther
  • Matt Lapinskas … Michael

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