THE PERCEPTION (2018) Reviews and overview


The Perception is a 2018 psychological thriller feature film directed by Jensen Noen from a screenplay co-written with Elizabeth H. Vu, plus additional scenes by Andrea Snider. The Scissor Films production stars Eric Roberts, Nick Bateman, Sandi Gardiner and Elena Ghenoiu.


Accomplished novelist Richard Sykes struggles to come up with a concept for a new book while trying to resolve his troubled marriage to Haley. In the process, he seeks out friends and colleagues to assist him in overcoming his personal demons that may serve to make him or break him…

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“A lot of films that keep things this shrouded in mystery tend to drop the ball at the end, but I had fun following the twists and turns Noen threw in while wrapping up his film. Once answers were given and it was clear what exactly was going on, I was so entertained and satisfied that it greatly enhanced my appreciation of the entire film overall.” Arrow in the Head

Cast and characters:

  • Eric Roberts … Nick Shaw
  • Nick Bateman … Matt Saunders
  • Sandi Gardiner … Haley
  • Elena Ghenoiu … Jess – Cheating Wife
  • Soren McVay … Alcoholics Anonymous Moderator
  • Vicky Illk … Tracy
  • Harry Taylor … EMT
  • Baron Bodnar … Ron
  • Jon Edwin Wright … Richard
  • Paul T. Murray … Creepy Liquor Clerk
  • Mickael De Sinno … Lover
  • Larry Ervin … Background
  • Alejandro Cowie … Husband