SNAKE OUTTA COMPTON (2018) Reviews and overview


‘The true story of the world’s most dangerous spoof’

Snake Outta Compton is a 2018 science fiction comedy horror feature film directed by Hank Braxtan (Unnatural; Chemical Peel; Blood Effects) from a screenplay co-written with Tim Johnson, James Kondelik, Jon Kondelik (Behind the WallsA House is Not a Home) and Ashley Scott Meyers. The movie stars Ricky Flowers Jr., Motown Maurice and Donte Essien.


A snake falls out of a plane and lands in Compton, California. Nerdish Vurkel finds the snake and takes it to his bedroom laboratory where he experiments on it with an enlarging ray he has invented. His housemates are a rap group who are preparing for their big audition with Uppercase Records.

Aided by two corrupt cops, a crazed gangster, and a mad scientist, the rap band has one thing to do before getting the record deal they need…


” …this film has a lot going for it, surprisingly enough.  Sure, things look cheap and the characters are extremely broad, but the premise, relatively quick pacing, and consistently nonchalant tone remind us that things aren’t meant to be taken too seriously on either side of the screen.” Allusions of Grandeur

“Unusually for this kind of film there’s clearly been a lot of effort put into the script; producing some cracking lines and inventive laugh-out-loud moments. As you’d expect, the special effects leave a lot to be desired but are adequate enough. On more than one occasion Braxtan’s film defies expectations.” Backseat Mafia

“The acting in this one is actually damn good. I really enjoyed the cast and the characters they brought to life. The film may be forgettable but these characters are not. The cast does an amazing job and no one overshadows the other. It is very consistent acting and well written characters that make the movie somewhat enjoyable.” Horror Society

” …if you like silly films, Snake Outta Compton is much better than anything from the Sharknado series. The characters are engaging, the script has plenty of jokes and if there was a sequel to this I wouldn’t think of missing it.” House of Mortal Cinema

” …every Black character on screen is played as a moron. The film gets its laughs out of them speaking in a nonsensical babble of gangsta-speak or as inept hoodlums and wannabe rappers. Even aside from its highly dubious racial caricaturing, the film is shabbily made…” Moria

“The parody side of the film fits in line with the likes of classically-hated movies including Disaster MovieEpic Movie and Date Movie, giving the story an insulting side which it struggles to recover from. If we can somehow ignore the parody side of everything this is a simple outline of a story which does fit the creature feature genre of filmmaking.” Ready Steady Cut!

“With its cheesy humor and equally cheesy effects, Snake Outta Compton is a reasonably fun way to kill some time. It’s rarely laughing out loud funny but you will grin most of the time.” Voices from the Balcony

“It is everything a CGI Syfy original aspires to be. The actors are satire fine, production values of everything not animated are good, the script is as ridiculous as is to be expected from such a film. Even the CGI isn’t the worst budget computer effects…” Without Your Head

Main cast and characters:

Ricky Flowers Jr. … Cam
Motown Maurice … Pinball
Donte Essien … Vurkel
Aurelia Michael … Neon
Joston Theney … Denz – Axeman and Axeman 2; Bleed 4 Me; The Sorority
Jon Kondelik … Ethan – Behind the Walls; Blood BrothersAll Hallows’ Eve 2
Tarkan Dospil … Beez Neez
Arielle Brachfeld … R.E.L. – The Sunday Night Slaughter; Adam K; Axeman and Axeman 2; Consumption; Blood Effects; Evil Deeds 2; The House That Jack Built
Eric Paul Erickson … Alley Jaws – Dam Sharks!
Christian Ackerman … Officer Stantz
I. Elijah Baughman … Homeless Ted
Kevin Anthony Brooks … Bus Driver
Ray Chao … Yoon
Craig C. Chen … Officer Johnson
Tanner L. Cole … Ho-Door
Jon Daza … Dom
Sean Decker … Master C

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