THE WHISPERING (2018) Reviews and must-see


‘Abandoned haunted house. Now it opens’

The Whispering is a 2018 South Korean supernatural horror feature film directed by Sang-hoon Choi from a screenplay co-written with Kim Joon-Hyun. The movie stars So Joo-Yeon, Kim Min-Kyu, Choi Hee-Jin, Kim Young, Kim Tae Min and Park Jin. The original title is Sodak Sodak or 속닥속닥.


After the death of her best friend, Yeo Eun-Ha (So Joo-Yeon) has been haunted by nightmares. Because of this, she gets a low score on her college entrance exam and becomes even more stressed out.


Yeo Eun-Ha and five of her classmates decide to take a road trip out to the beach, including popular student Kang Min-Woo (Kim Min-Kyu). Joo Dong-Il (Kim Tae Min) takes his mother’s van for their trip, even though he hates driving. The students soon become lost and take a wrong turn on a mountain road. They come upon an abandoned amusement park.


After looking around the park and then getting kicked out by a mysterious old woman, Woo-Sung (Kim Young) gets everybody to go back and enter the haunted house. He wants to live-stream themselves on social media. While walking through the haunted house, the students begin to hear whisperings…



“There were plenty of baseless jump scares created for the sake of scaring. The characters started off as a group of close friends but ended up as individuals when horror started happening. The whole plot was so similar to The Mimic yet the relationship of the characters was so weak and it made the ending felt somewhat disappointing and unappealing.” Tiffany Yong

Cast and characters:

So Joo-Yeon … Yeo Eun-Ha
Kim Min-Kyu … Kim Min-Kyu
Choi Hee-Jin … Choi Jung-Yoon
Kim Young … Jo Woo-Sung
Kim Tae Min … Joo Dong-Il
Park Jin … Park Hae-Gu
Shin Jae-Seung … Byung-Yoon
Go Na-Eun … Mi-Joo
Lee Yoo-Mi … Byun Ji-Eun
Lee Han-Seo … Daughter of CEO Choi
Ji Dae-Han … Internet cafe man
Jin Yong-Ok … Homeroom teacher
Lee Pil-Mo … CEO Choi

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