MATRIARCH (2018) Reviews of Scottish horror

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‘Mother knows best’
Matriarch is a 2018 British horror film written, directed by and starring Scott Vickers. The movie also stars Charlie Blackwood, Julie Hannan and Alan Cuthbert.

Rachel and her husband, Matt, are stranded after wrecking their car on a remote Scottish road. Though hostile at first, a nearby farmer and his wife welcome them in after learning that Rachel is pregant

Suddenly, Rachel realises the family’s “daughter” is a local girl who’d gone missing years before, but when she and Matt attempt to escape, they’re held at gunpoint—just as Rachel goes into labour. Will their child’s first day on earth be the couple’s last?

“Let’s face it: religion and pregnancy are always going to make certain people uncomfortable […] A strange instance of a film that looks phenomenal and has a talented cast behind it, yet due to the banality of its script and pacing issues it’s not the best horror-thriller offering…” Cryptic Rock

“The movie never has a low-budget look and it makes great use of its picturesque Scottish locations.  There is one scene with some stoners which feels woefully out of place, but Vickers manages to maintain a level of tension otherwise. Matriarch doesn’t re-invent the wheel – it doesn’t even come close – but it does show that some old stories still work.” DVD Sleuth

“The final act of Matriarch certainly delivers. The question is whether the familiar elements of the film’s first hour, however well told, are worth sitting through to get to it. I was well enough entertained but I can imagine some folk’s attention will be wandering.” Voices from the Balcony


Matriarch was released on DVD, Digital and On-Demand by Lionsgate on April 9, 2019. Buy via Amazon Prime

Cast and characters:
Charlie Blackwood … Rachel Hopkins
Julie Hannan … Agnes Fairbairn
Scott Vickers … Matt Hopkins
Alan Cuthbert … Bob Fairbairn
Briony Monroe … Faith Fairbairn/Ellie Adams
Thoren Ferguson … David Fairbairn
Martin Murphy … Luke Fairbairn
Kris McDowall … Jason
Cameron Fulton … Stu
David Friel … Armed Police Officer
Anne Kane Howie … Paramedic
Andrew Kelly … Paramedic
Alex Martin … Police Officer

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