Mystic Demon Killer – UK, 2018

‘One bite will kill. Once clawed you’re infected’

Mystic Demon Killer is a 2018 British action horror feature film written, produced, directed by and starring David Henry Fussell. The movie stars Katherine Brace, Dan Mitchell, Jason Keith Platt and Richard Eastwood.


Over the years more and more people have gone missing in Carmarthenshire, a region of South West Wales, and no trace of the missing people were found. When a group of ramblers go missing, again without a trace, the government sends in a military tracking unit, due to the pressure from the ramblers families and the media who speculate that ‘big cats’ are to blame for the disappearances.

MI6 agent Julie Morton start her internal mission, where Paul Hockley (her local handler and ex-special forces) tells her the truth is more extraordinary than the rumour of large cats stalking the country side, and more disturbing! Julie follows clues into the vast woods, where a mysterious ninja warrior confronts her. Paul Hockley uncovers confidential intelligence of a ‘Black Ops Unit’ acting alone without official sanction during the Cold War; they genetically engineered a ‘super assassin’.

Paul Hockley begins to question why he and Julie were selected for this mission. Paul Hockley searches for the redemption that has eluded him for so many years and Julie fights to discover connections to a government-funded crime organisation. Their battle slices open a disturbing conspiracy and what motivates the mysterious ninja warrior…


The premiere public screening of Mystic Demon Killer, hosted by VICE, will be held at the Everyman Screen on the Green [83 Upper St, London N1 0NP] on Tuesday, February 5th from 6.00pm. The screening will be followed by a short Q&A with David Henry Fussell who will share his inspiring story and the challenges he faced as a homeless film director.

Meanwhile, Mystic Demon Killer is available to rent or buy on Vimeo

Main cast and characters:

  • Katherine Brace … MI6 Agent Julie Morton
  • Dan Mitchell … Paul Hockley
  • Jason Keith Platt … Malakai, Head Demon
  • Richard Eastwood … Kaleb, Second in Command Demon
  • Ninja Demon Killer … Barry Evans, Kristen Miller, Jack Reynolds and David Hockley
  • Sian Rees … Helen, Sword Demon
  • Sian Brown … Jennie, Demon with Guns
  • Jane Goodridge … White Face Demon
  • David Hockley … Suit Demon and his twin brother
  • Abdelkadir Laarabat … Nunchaku Demon
  • Kelly Marie Howlett … First Victim

Running time:

77 minutes

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