Slaw – USA, 2017 – reviews

‘Taste of death’

Slaw is a 2017 American comedy horror feature film directed by Matt Green (No Sin Unpunished; A Zombie InvasionVicious; Severed) from a screenplay by Richard Tavernaro, based on a storyline by John Kap, who also stars. The Long Shot Productions movie also stars and Berna Roberts.


Two “foodie” brothers kidnap and torture those who ruin their “dining experience”…

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“If jokes like detectives named Turner and Hooch might repeatedly cause you to chuckle or if you’ll get a kick out of watching Kevin Nash play a very unpleasant version of himself, chances are you’ll like Slaw more than I did. While there are several things within the film that I did admittedly find amusing, overall the filmmakers and I just don’t have the same sense of humor.” CArrow in the Head

“Besides the family, the two detectives Turner and Hooch, not the ones you’re thinking, were my favorite characters. The film held my attention from beginning to end, was wonderfully written, and well cast. It does a great job parodying Saw, while paving its own cabbage ridden path of destruction.” Dead, Buried, and Back!

“If you’re a fan of comedy with a heaping dash of horror, you owe it to yourself to see this movie. If you’re just curious and just want to watch a film that stars a slew of wrestlers, you should also give this movie a watch. Slaw is not only my favorite side dish, it’s a movie that I’m glad I had the chance to savor.” Wrestling with Film

Main cast and characters:

  • John Kap … Gordon
  • Kevin Nash … Kevin Nash
  • Gregory Alan Williams … Commissioner Kelly
  • Berna Roberts … Mama
  • Aaron Beelner … Martha – Monster HunterThe House with a Clock in Its WallsSuperstition TV series; Stan Against Evil TV series; Boo! A Madea HalloweenScary Movie 5
  • Andrew Hankinson … Luke ‘Doc’ Gallows
  • Michael E. Sanders … Detective Hooch
  • Escalante Lundy … Detective Turner
  • Charles Belflower … Charles
  • Leah Monet … Lakeysha
  • Niki Davis … Other Amber
  • Baby Norman … Amber
  • Vanessa Cloke … Sara
  • Ozzie Carnan Jr. … Chad
  • Carlos Aviles … Flacko
  • Alpha Trivette … Captain Harris
  • Richard Tavernaro … Robert
  • Jeff Rose … Padtrick
  • Brody Rose … Young Gordon
  • Erica Page … Detective Sanchez
  • Kenneth Israel … Detective Jackson
  • Neely Kap … Katy
  • George Faughnan … Bobby the Burner
  • Jason Louder … Robber

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