No Sin Unpunished – 2019 – preview of paranormal revenge tale

No Sin Unpunished is a 2019 American horror feature film about a murdered young woman who enlists the help of a clairvoyant to uncover the secret of her death. Meanwhile, the local authorities believe a strange young man is the one responsible for her murder.

Directed by Matt Green (Evil Little Things; Slaw; Digging Up Graves; Severed) from a screenplay written by executive producer John Farris (The Fury; Dear Dead Delilah; When Michael Calls), the King Windom Productions movie stars Jonathan Horne (Your Worst Nightmare), Amber Erwin (The Gifted), Krissy Notes and Ron Prather.


Taryn Melwood was abused as a teen by Sheriff John Stone, her foster father. Now a young adult, Taryn is trying to pull her life together when the carnally obsessed Stone stalks and kills her. In the three days between her death and ghostly eternal-afterlife, her spirit bonds with the clairvoyant Hero, when he contacts her. Taryn and Hero must race the clock to expose Stone as the abuser and murderer so she can have a peaceful afterlife…


Monarch Home Entertainment will release No Sin Unpunished on DVD on January 21st 2020.

Cast and characters:

  • Jonathan Horne … Hero
  • Amber Erwin … Taryn
  • Krissy Notes … Megan
  • Ron Prather … Stone
  • Alonzo Ward … Jacob
  • Deborah Childs … Mary Stone
  • Juanita P. Taylor … Lara Cruz
  • Charles Barden … Nealy
  • Barry Piacente … Rodney
  • Timothy J. Richardson … Hodge the Houndman
  • Riley Lorenz … Young Taryn
  • Jim Adams … Preacher
  • Steven A.D. Taylor … Deputy #4 / Alex Loreno
  • John Sykes … Officer Hixon
  • Mickie Pollock … Mrs Olgavie

Working title:


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