BLACK VIOLET (2017) Overview


Black Violet is a 2017 American horror feature film written and directed by István Várady. The Warmth of the Sun Productions movie stars Scott Vance, Danielle Henderson, Kayli Tran and Iván Kamarás.

Official synopsis:

Set to Jeordie White’s and Zack Webb’s haunting score, we begin our black and white wicked fairy tale with Kennedy, the young vampire (Danielle Henderson). She struggles with love and her perpetual urge for blood.

After her vampire mentor, Altmann (Iván Kamarás), tells her that Pepin (Scott Vance) has returned to Earth, Kennedy stands at her altar. She summons the gods.

In Black Violet, writer/director István Várady takes us on the journey of Kennedy’s pursuit of Pepin as she fights for her rightful place in the modern world as they both follow their instincts to the ultimate conclusion…

Cast and characters:

  • Scott Vance … Pepin
  • Danielle Henderson … Kennedy
  • Kayli Tran … Zelda
  • Iván Kamarás … Altmann
  • Val Vega … Carmen
  • Megan Desboro … Jennifer
  • Quinn Knox … Sonny
  • Hidekun Hah … Park
  • Norman Whipple … Edward
  • Ashley Watkins … Horned God
  • Calliope Tsoukalas … Horned God
  • Jimmy Flint-Smith … Young Pepin

Filming locations:

Laguna Beach, Malibu, and West Hollywood, California

Technical credits:

83 minutes | Black and White |   2.35: 1