HANTU KAK LIMAH (2018) Reviews and overview


Hantu Kak Limah [“Ghost Kak Limah”] aka Hantu Kak Limah 3 is a 2018 Malaysian horror comedy feature film written and directed by Mamat Khalid (Rajawali; Lebuhraya Ke Neraka; Zombi Kilang Biskut; Zombies from Banana Village). The Infinitus Production stars Datuk Awie, Delimawati, Zul Ariffin and Ropie Cecupak.

It is a sequel to Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah (2010) and Husin, Mon dan Jin Pakai Toncit (2013).


Kak Limah is discovered dead in her garden by a villager. Thereafter, her ghost is spotted around Kampung Pisang, making the villagers feel restless.

Enter Encik Solihin, who tries to help by shooing her ghost away from the village. However, the tragedy behind Kak Limah’s death has yet to be unveiled…


“What to expect as an audience is a stream of jokes which may work or make one ponder in confusion, nonetheless the delivery of each gag will be hammered down by the actors to ensure that a joke was made.” Aina Izzah, Daily Seni

“Although HKL has a standalone story that viewers can easily get into, there are references that will fly over your head if you haven’t seen the previous films. Still, for fans of the Kampung Pisang-set films, if it’s laughter you’ve come to find, then indeed, laughter is what you’ll get.” Kenneth Chaw, Star 2

Cast and characters:

  • Datuk Awie … Husin
  • Rab Khalid … Yeh Sekupang
  • Sharwani NS as Wani
  • TJ Isa … Khuda
  • Delimawati … Kak Limah
  • Zul Ariffin … Ustaz Solihin
  • Uqasha Senrose … Eton/Princess Bunian
  • Mus May … Elf Father
  • Ropie Cecupak … Nayan
  • Pekin Ibrahim … Musalman
  • Jue Aziz … Wife Wani
  • Sabri Yunus … Village Head
  • Ziema Din … Maznah
  • Vea Kisil … Noraini
  • Erra Fazira … Wati
  • Dato’ Seri Vida … herself
  • Low Jing Tiong … Hantu Bang Enam

Running time:

111 minutes


The film was released in Malaysia on August 9, 2018, and was a big hit taking RM36 million on a budget of RM1.2 million.

Hantu Kak Limah is currently available for streaming via Netflix

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