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‘Who’s watching you?’

Chatter is a 2015 American horror film produced and directed by Matthew Solomon from a screenplay co-written with Joshua Carl Allen and Jeremy Fox, based on Solomon’s short film, Anna. The movie stars Richard Hatch, Alison Haislip, Brady Smith and Sarena Khan.


Whilst monitoring internet traffic for the Department of Homeland Security, Agent Martin Takagi comes across the intimate video chats of a couple, temporarily living in different parts of the world, who begin to discover their new home is haunted…

Reviews [may contain spoilers]:

Chatter is two-thirds of a respectable effort mauled by an additional third of valueless content. Likable leads and effective fleeting shadow spooks initially lean it in a favorable direction. Then a superfluous framing device chewing at chapter breaks leans it right back the wrong way…” Culture Crypt

“Overall, Solomon has provided a nice alternative to the normally mundane framework of horror presentations, and although the computer aspect is starting to become more prevalent as a focal piece in these types of films, Chatter is one that should be checked out at least as a one-timer.” Dread Central

” …the film quickly devolves into a stream of horror clichés that kept me from investing any energy into the story. Doors open, floors creak, lights turn on and off and the actors respond in exaggerated and misguided ways. They attempt to show marital tension and paranormally-induced fear but what we get is writing and acting that comes across as more insincere than the fake plant in the corner of the office.” Film Inquiry

” …a fun low-budget thriller, with a good, solid cast and enough suspense and ghostly shenanigans to hold your interest up until the (kind of abrupt) ending.” Horror Buzz

Chatter was obviously shot on a shoestring, even by found footage standards, but Solomon largely overcomes his severe budget constraints. He throws the audience a few twists that are adequately established but not glaringly obvious and keeps the tension nicely amped up […] Altogether, it is really scary in multiple ways.” J.B. Spins

“This movie was a lot of fun. It had the scares, it was eerie throughout and they did a good job of allowing the haunt to slowly gain traction. There’s no gore or really any violence at all, just good old fashioned, “Something’s not right here…” dread.” Scary Dad

” …even if the two leads never actually meet face-to-face, there’s actually quite a bit of chemistry between them so it’s easy to get sucked into their story, and the narrative as such is rather brilliantly structured as well to make the most of its limiting approach. Actually, really good genre entertainment!” Search My Trash

“Despite a few logic holes, Chatter kept me interested and engaged with its story and I enjoyed the film due to the likeable nature of the two lead characters and their solid acting.  I really dug the third wheel government spying idea and also how the story weaved an interesting web that connected David to everything going on.” Skullbanger

“This is a very thought-provoking and fun little cyber ride that will keep people on the edge of their seat, for the most part, watching to see how it plays out.” Wicked Channel

Cast and characters:

Richard Hatch … Nate Terry
Alison Haislip … Carolyn Terry
Brady Smith … David Cole
Sarena Khan … Laura Cole
Tohoru Masamune … Martin Takagi
P.J. Marshall … Bob Butler
Laura Niles … Alex Hausland
Ashley Palmer … Meghan Collins
Pete Capella … Ted Jennings
Derrick Redford … Charles Dixon
Clementine Heath … Jenna Morris
Sadie Ella Solomon … Anna Hausland
Fiona Hardingham … Jane Montgomery


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