GRACE (2009) Reviews and overview

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‘Love. Undying.’

Grace is a 2009 American horror feature film written and directed by Paul Solet, based on his 2006 short film of the same name. The movie stars Jordan Ladd, Samantha Ferris, Gabrielle Rose and Serge Houde.


After losing her unborn child, Madeline Matheson insists on carrying the baby to term. Following the delivery, the child miraculously returns to life with an appetite for human blood. Madeline is faced with a mother’s ultimate decision…


Grace is profoundly disturbing, a chilling motion picture that shows an invigorating amount of imagination and wicked behavior, immediately vaulting it above most horror product.” Brian Orndorf

” …certain women’s mania for babies is a fascinating topic ripe for [further] examination, but as noted this film doesn’t really seem to have much to say about them. I think writer-director Paul Solet is just young and doesn’t get that alluding to a topic isn’t the same as making a statement about it.” Cinema de Merde

“Director and writer Paul Solet plays around with the idea that Madeline may be going crazy and a midwife with a crush is stirred into the mix along with a nasty mother-in-law to make things more interesting. It is an unpleasant film to watch, especially if you have a baby in the house or worse, you’re pregnant.” Eat Horror

“The film travels down more traditional routes in its last twenty minutes where a variety of people contrive to turn up at the house and end up being slaughtered where it feels that Solet finally comes under pressure to give over to horror film expectation. In the central role is Jordan Ladd who gives a good performance.” Moria

“Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of Grace isn’t necessarily the gore or its bizarre title character: it’s the fact that pretty much everyone in this universe is absolutely nuts […] Well constructed, tightly paced, and appropriately gory…” Oh, the Horror!

“By taking aim at a woman’s natural urge to protect her child no matter the cost, Solet pulls off a deliciously cruel coup: he shows us what it means to be human. And that is exactly what horror is supposed to do.” Screen Anarchy

“Sadly, Grace suffers from an extremely weak third act that is nowhere near as effective as what preceded it. That’s OK though because it has enough genuinely unnerving moments along the way for me to recommend it. (That is, unless you’re pregnant or just had a baby.)” The Video Vacuum

“A muddled, logic-starved provocation, Grace avoids smugness by refusing to play its body horror for shits and giggles, but its resonance is purely atmospheric.” The Village Voice

“Not campy like It’s Alive, and not intensely gory, but this one reminded me of Zombie Honeymoon in the way it mixes undead horror with loving relationships, warping everything and getting under your skin in the process.” The Worldwide Celluloid Massacre

Cast and characters:

  • Jordan Ladd … Madeline Matheson
  • Stephen Park … Michael Matheson
  • Gabrielle Rose … Vivian Matheson
  • Serge Houde … Henry Matheson
  • Samantha Ferris … Patricia Lang
  • Kate Herriot Kate Herriot … Shelly
  • Troy Skog … ER Doctor
  • Malcolm Stewart … Doctor Richard Sohn
  • Jeff Stone … ER Nurse
  • Jamie Stephenson … Skinny Clerk
  • Tenai Cam Measmer … Grace as an Infant
  • Annabel Kathlynn Bast … Grace as an Infant
  • Chris Cunningham … Lab Technician
  • Karen Von Staden … Doctor Sohn’s Secretary (as Karen von Staden)
  • Mark D. Claxton … Veterinarian (as Mark Claxton)

Filming locations:

Saskatchewan, Canada

Technical credits:

84 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.35:1

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