Harvest of Horrors is a 2020 American horror anthology feature film directed by Brad Twigg (WrestleMassacreKiller Campout; Frames of Fear; et al) from a screenplay written by Todd Martin and Juan Sanchez. It was produced by Twigg, Gary Lee Vincent and Darren Ricci. The Fuzzy Monkey Films production stars Jason John Beebe, Rosanna Nelson, Gary Lee Vincent and Luba Hansen.


When their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, Seth and Laurie find themselves at an old farmhouse owned by an elderly couple who let them use their phone. While waiting for a ride to come pick them up, the group share five stories to pass the time.

As the night progresses, it becomes obvious that some members of the group aren’t exactly what they appear and the others may not make it to see the light of day…

Cast and characters:

  • Jason John Beebe … Nate
  • Rosanna Nelson … Gwen
  • Gary Lee Vincent … Trenton
  • Luba Hansen … Maddie
  • Matty Calhoun … Construction Worker
  • Daniel Brooks … Clint
  • Jesse L. Green … Pa
  • Nicholas Knight … Cason
  • Jeremy Clark … The Doctor
  • Damian Valentine … Skeeter
  • Whitney Causey Benson … Angel
  • Amber Lee Vincent … Chelsea
  • Heather Toth … Winter
  • Matthew L. Furman … Daniel
  • Ana Eliza S. Geli … Raven
  • Tara O’Neil Andrews … Dave’s Wife
  • Alex Kukovich … Austin

Poster artwork by Allen Vanmeter at Damaged Brain Designs