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‘Come on in… it’s going to be one Hell of a party’
Night of the Demons is a 2010 released American supernatural horror film directed by Adam Gierasch (Tales of Halloween segment; Fractured; Autopsy; et al) from a screenplay co-written with Jace Anderson. It is a remake of the 1988 film of the same name.

The movie stars Edward Furlong, Monica Keena, Bobbi Sue Luther, Shannon Elizabeth, Diora Baird, and Michael Copon.

The special effects were created by Drac Studios.

Everyone in New Orleans knows the dark story of Broussard Mansion but none of the locals has dared set foot in the notorious estate… until now. Angela Feld has chosen Broussard Mansion as the setting for this year’s annual Halloween bash. No one throws a party quite like Angela, and when her friends catch wind of the plan, curiosity takes precedence over fear.

Later that night, the party is packed and the music is blasting when the police show up to spoil the fun and send everyone packing. The only ones left behind are Angela, Maddie, Lily, Suzanne, Colin, Dex, and Jason, and they’re not ready to call it a night just yet.

Upon venturing down into the basement, Colin and Angela make a grisly discovery that sets into motion a diabolical series of events.

There is no escape from the fear that follows next because as the doors of Broussard Mansion mysteriously lock, a horde of ancient demons rises from the darkness to unleash the infernal powers of Hell on the desperate teens, who have to fight to the death to protect their immortal souls…

“It all grows dull rather quickly, despite a routine of limb-snapping, face-ripping violence. Certainly inferior to the original “Demons,” the glossy remake nevertheless has a few shining moments before a case of the low-budget blahs comes to crash the party.” Brian Orndorf

” …in the end, it’s less a remake and more exploiting a familiar title. Whether it’s the gruesome special effects, the creepy monsters, the excellent soundtrack, the sharp direction, or Diora Baird and Bobbi Sue Luther in skimpy cat costumes, this is a fun movie…” Cinema Crazed

“This remake takes the basic premise – a bunch of kids go to a Halloween party at a house that contains some tricky demons wanting to possess them – and uses a fantastic cast to great effect. It might be ridiculous and over the top in places but the original was no big lesson in subtlety either, so I don’t see any problem.” For It Is Man’s Number

“It’s machine-tooled for the horror fanbase: brash, slick, yucky – by-the-numbers stuff. However, there’s something unusual in the opening sequence, setting out the mansion’s awful 1920s history; completely deadpan, it pastiches a flickering old black-and-white silent film, but with moments of extreme violence and gore…” The Guardian

“Eerie supernatural moments are in short supply, though a brief bit where the demons lure the survivors out from safety by faking sunrise (complete with twittering birds) is acceptable – mostly, the demon possessees continue the same type of wisecracks, insults and snarls they were prone too in their normal personae.” The Kim Newman Web Site

Night of the Demons will entertain some people, those who need an attention-grabbing look to entertain them but is going to do little for those who want storyline and character-driven scares.” The Movie Scene

” …all we get here is like a quick coat of (computer-generated) paint that only serves to make it look pretty while most of the soul and charm of the original is lost. Sure, it’s kind of a fun curiosity, but I can’t imagine this ever replacing the original in an October rotation (or even part 2, which is kind of dreadful compared to the first one).” Oh, the Horror!

“Patience with the braindead script’s predictability runs thin as the pacing slackens off and the contrived sickness continually fails to shock.” Radio Times

“If only they could’ve done something about the pacing, the stupid “rules”, and idiotic characters.  (Seriously, how many times were they going to leave the “protected room” to take a leak?) […] What really matters is the gore and/or nutty set pieces.  In that respect, I sorta dug this new Night of the Demons.” The Video Vacuum


Choice dialogue:
Jason: “She stuck a lipstick in her boob and it fell out of her pussy!… Okay?”

Jason: “No costume, no candy, motherf*cker!”

Suzanne: “You know, I can sort of understand the whole bad boy thing, but what did you ever see in him?
Maddie: Oh, codependency, the whole Mother Teresa complex, believing I could change someone into something else, thinking that great love and great drama were the same thing, insecurity… Oh, and the guy can f*ck!”

Angela: [Looks over at Colin, sleeping] “You still have a thing for him, don’t you? I have a thing for him, too. First, I’m gonna poke his pretty brown eyes out and then, I’m gonna f*ck his brains out until they’re spilling out of his ears. And then, right before he dies, right before he becomes one of us…
Angela: [Transforms into a demon] He shall know the suffering in death.
Maddie: Shut up, bitch!”

Cast and characters (in credits order):
Tatyana Kanavka … Evangeline Broussard – Autopsy
Michael Arata … Louis Devereaux – Locusts
Shannon Elizabeth … Angela – CursedThir13en Ghosts; Scary Movie; Jack Frost
Linnea Quigley … Ballerina Lady
Bryce Arata … Trick or Treater
Addy Rome … Trick or Treater
John F. Beach … Jason – Tales of Halloween; Fear Clinic TV series; Hallow’s End
Michael Copon … Dex – Black Creek; Awaken; Killer HolidayDark House
Zachary James Bernard … Bully (as Zachary Bernard)
Diora Baird … Lily
Monica Keena … Maddie
Bobbi Sue Luther … Suzanne
Edward Furlong … Colin
Irina Beskaravaynaya … Irina
Jamie Harris … Nigel – Lovecraft Country TV series; American Horror Story TV series; Rise of the Planet of the Apes 
Delilah Donovan … Kneeling Woman
Tiffany Shepis … Diana – Killer Kate!; Ouija House; Clawed; et al
Hans Longo … Hans (as Hans Titze)
Tiffany Jackson … Maid (as Tiffany Billiot)
Erica Grant … Woman Seance Guest
Lance E. Nichols … Seargent Dawson (as Lance Nichols)
Eric F. Adams … Equipment Truck Driver (as Eric Adams)

The soundtrack features tracks by:

  1. “Night of the Demons” – 45 Grave
  2. “Ghastly Stomp” – Ghastly Ones
  3. “Boris Karloff” – The Barbarellatones
  4. “Aim for the Head” – Creature Feature
  5. “No Costume, No Candy” – The Swingin’ Neckbreakers
  6. “Incredible Two Headed Transplant” – Haunted Garage
  7. “The World Belongs to You” – The Death Riders
  8. “Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)” – Concrete Blonde
  9. “Blood, Brains & Rock ‘N’ Roll” – Zombie Girl
  10. “Code Blue” – T.S.O.L.
  11. “Legions of the Damned” – DeadbyDay
  12. “Gimme Gimme Bloodshed” – Wednesday 13
  13. “Invasion of the Ball Snatchers” – Psycho Charger
  14. “Black Lung” – Frankenstein
  15. “Black No. 1” – Type O Negative
  16. “Reckoning of the Soul Made Godless” – Goatwhore

Filming locations:
Principal photography took place in New Orleans in October 2008.

Technical credits:
1 hour 33 minutes

The film originally premiered at the FrightFest film festival in London in August 2009.

Originally planned for a theatrical release, Night of the Demons was released straight-to-DVD and Blu-ray on October 19, 2010.

Film facts:
Linnea Quigley repeated her bending over in a ballerina costume scene from the 1988 original.

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