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Boyz in the Wood is a 2019 British comedy horror feature film written, co-edited and directed by Ninian Doff. The movie stars Eddie Izzard, Kate DickieJames Cosmo, Kevin Guthrie, Jonathan Aris, Alice Lowe, Samuel Bottomley, Viraj Juneja, Rian Gordon, and Lewis Gribben.


“Set deep in the Scottish Highlands, Boyz in the Wood is an anarchic cocktail of generational politics, hip-hop loving farmers, and hallucinogenic rabbit shites.”

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“Its best moments pulse with creative energy, propelled by a playful cast that includes the great Eddie Izzard. Its worst moments are when you tire of that energy, such as in the film’s many drug interludes and a musical number that I thought might never end.” Brian Tallerico,

” …the latest in a successful line of adult minded comedies about kids figuring themselves out. It just so happens that in this one, that involves running for your life while tripping on bunny shit and enough gore to make Tom Savini grin from ear to ear. It’s a fantastic tromp through the highlands…” J Hurtado, Screen Anarchy


The world premiere for Boyz in the Wood was on March 8, 2019, at the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas.

Cast and characters:

  • Eddie Izzard … The Duke – Hannibal TV series; Shadow of the Vampire
  • Kate Dickie … Sergeant Morag – Prevenge; The Witch; The Frankenstein Chronicles TV series; Prometheus
  • James Cosmo … Farmer –A Hole in the GroundMalevolentEstrangedDark SignalsCitadelHammer House of Horror TV series; The Stone TapeDoomwatch; Assault
  • Kevin Guthrie … P.C. Hamish
  • Jonathan Aris … Mr Carlyle
  • Alice Lowe … Superintendent – Prevenge; Ghoul; Sightseers; Kill List
  • Samuel Bottomley … Ian
  • Viraj Juneja … D.J. Beatroot
  • Rian Gordon … Dean
  • Lewis Gribben … Duncan

Producers: Matthew Plouffe, Tobey Maguire, Brian Coffey, Laura Tunstall
Cinematographer: Patrick Meller
Editors: Ross Hallard and Ninian Doff
Production Designer: Tom Sayer
Music: Alex Menzies and S-Type

Production companies:

  • Highland Midgie
  • Material Pictures
  • Nowhere


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