Purgatory Road – USA, 2017 – reviews

‘Salvation is yours’

Purgatory Road is a 2017 crime horror feature film directed by Mark Savage (Stressed to Kill; Circus of DreadSensitive New Age Killer) from a screenplay co-written with Tom Parnell. The Delirium-Purgo Road production stars Gary Cairns, Luke Albright, Trista Robinson and Sylvia Grace Crim.


On the highways of Mississippi, a psychotic Catholic priest and his brother are on a crusade to absolve sinners with their own brand of murder…


“Events will happen in life, good and bad. That is exactly what life is. It is messy, unsettling, intense, and painful; sometimes all at once creating a chaos that could be great, but sometimes it just is not. That is the best description of Purgatory Road.” Sarah Salvaggio, Cryptic Rock

” …a fantastic, provocative and sacrilegious thrill ride that flips a middle finger at organised religion and relishes every deviant morsel. It as equally scary and tragic as it is hilarious and frivolous, and it signals an exciting new trajectory for Mark Savage.” Glenn Cochrane, Fake Shemp

“The script is original and effective and the overall atmosphere created throughout is gorgeous. On top of that, you get extremely beautiful and realistic practical effects by another man who is no stranger to Unearthed Films, Marcus Koch.” Repulsive Reviews

Cast and characters:

  • Gary Cairns … Father Vincent
  • Luke Albright … Michael
  • Trista Robinson … Mary Francis
  • Sylvia Grace Crim … Ruby
  • Manon Pages … Dominique
  • Geoff Falk … Father Joe Taylor
  • Douglas Cunningham … Sam Oldfield
  • Chace Beck … Alvin Kirby
  • Tom Parnell … Sheriff Mac
  • John Read … The Goat Whisperer
  • Noah Cook … Kent
  • Heather Cazes … Margaret
  • Jerry Lousteau … Marty Midnight
  • Jeremy Sande … Travis
  • Jack Teague … James
  • Micheal Robinson … Tony
  • Kerry Kelly Gridley … Tall Woman
  • Jacob Craig Bullock … Young Michael
  • Michael Lebeau … Young Vincent
  • Melody Brooke … Maureen
  • Hunter McGregor … Graham
  • James Harlon Palmer … Darrel
  • Eve Jordan Litchfield … Cameo / Radio Call In

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