THE HART-BREAK KILLER (2019) Reviews and overview


‘Meet Robert. Robert has a little problem that just wont go away.’

The Hart-Break Killer is a 2019 American horror thriller feature film written, co-produced and directed by Sean Donohue (Cannibal ClausDeath-Scort Service and sequel; Die Die Delta Pi). The Gatorblade Films production stars Eight the Chosen One, Ashley Lynn Caputo, Anthony Wayne and Joe Makowski.


Meet Robert. Robert has a little problem that just won’t go away. He’s a lonely guy looking for love in all the wrong places. He can’t figure out what he wants but he wants what he can never have. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Robert Hart…


“This film is character driven with some minor sleaze but the brutal gore scenes are nowhere to be seen. Overall, The Hart-Break Killer is a break away from the gore soaked no budget horror flicks I typically review. This one has a lot of Hart (har har) and is actually pretty damn entertaining.” Horror Society

“Rather than a bloodbath, The Hart-Break Killer is a psychological film, the portrait of Robert’s decaying mental state. I have to give Sean and his cast props for attempting something so far out of their usual wheelhouse. And give them more for pulling it off.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

Eight the Chosen One … Robert Hart / Alt. Robert / Doctor Angina – Ouija MummyTaste Me: Death-scort Service Part 3Death-scort Service Part 2
Ashley Lynn Caputo … Doctor Ruth Spector – Cannibal Claus; Chaos A.D., Amerikan Holokaust; et al
Anthony Wayne … Tony Andrews – Taste Me: Death-Scort Service 3; Joe Vampire
Joe Makowski … Mike
Lexi Balestrieri … Pam
‘Sushii’ Xhyette Holder … Mel
James Knowlton … Chad
Sean Donohue … Chad’s friend
Katie McKinley … Tanya
Bob Glazier … Grampa
Fallen Angel … Hostess in Restaurant
Anthony Guevara … Waiter in Restaurant
Christopher Leto … Bartender


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