ABNORMAL ATTRACTION (2018) Reviews and overview

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Abnormal-Attraction-reviews-movie-film-comedy-horror-2018-poster-2‘Where it’s weird to be normal’

Abnormal Attraction is a 2018 comedy horror feature film co-produced and directed by Michael Leavy (Halloween 60 short; Howl of a Good Time short; Catch of the Day; Halloween Awakening: The Legacy of Michael Myers) from a screenplay co-written with co-producers Steven Della Salla and Jason Leavy. The Fuzz on the Lens production stars Michael Buscemi, Malcolm McDowell, Leslie Easterbrook and Jim Hanks.


Nick (Nathan Reid) is having relationship problems with his fiancée and is determined to make it home for dinner on time but when his car breaks down, he is kidnapped.

Nick is taken to Camp Morning Wood, which is run for monsters by Hildie (Leslie Easterbrook), a human-hating witch, and her associate, Boogeyman (Malcolm McDowell).

However, Hildie is unaware that Nick is a counsellor and might just be the one person who can build an understanding between monsters and humans…


On February 26, 2019, Abnormal Attraction was released on Digital, DVD and Blu-ray. The Blu-ray contains over 90 minutes of exclusive additional footage.


Abnormal Attraction is a fairytale story for the adult generation but it does have its flaws. It can be quite slow paced at times and some of the jokes and events may be a little too far out even for me but as a whole it’s plain good fun. It’s as endearing as it is insane and it’s packed full of famous famous…” Back to the Movies

“Those who enjoy a heaping dollop of irreverent revelry mixed with their horror will be most pleased indeed. You might feel like you’re watching an extended SNL skit at times, but everything comes full circle in a manner that’s satisfying and entertaining…” Dread Central

Abnormal Attraction is a comedy where, due to the high concentration of jokes, you expect a certain number won’t land but, while viewers mileage will vary on Finbar (Jason Leavy), a character you’re not entirely certain is human until he declares himself anti-monster, the movie falls impressively in the plus column.” Flickering Myth

“Some great visuals and yes, even a lot of gloriously cheesy makeup effects! Leavy has directed a laugh out loud funny film. No question about that. So here’s the deal. If this form of comedy is your cup of tea… you’re going to love this. Really. If you’re not quite into the pre-teen kind of comedy… there’s still something here for you.” Indy Red


Main cast and characters:

  • Michael Buscemi … Adam
  • Malcolm McDowell … Boogeyman
  • Leslie Easterbrook … Madam Hildie
  • Jim Hanks … Frank Stein
  • Gilbert Gottfried … Pig Man
  • Ron Jeremy
  • Bruce Davison … Doctor Stanley Cole
  • Tyler Mane … Bernie the Cyclops
  • Carly Brooke … Kylie
  • Melanie Iglesias … Catherine
  • Eileen Dietz … Jamie’s Mother
  • Krista Ayne … Anna the Alien
  • Courtney Baxter … Tooth Fairy
  • Dared Wright … Ted / Ned
  • Bethany Watson … Nancy
  • Michael Barra … Andy ‘The Abominable Snowman’
  • Vic Dibitetto … Sheriff Ed Moore
  • Lesleh Donaldson … Anne
  • Ari Barkan … Gary the Goblin
  • Nicole Balsam … Alyssa
  • Rebecca Ruber … Bimbo the Bunny / Ava the Alien
  • Renae Geerlings … Bella
  • Jackie Adragna … Zombie Girl
  • Michelle Taylor … Esmeralda
  • Michael Leavy … Timothy
  • Gilbrando Acevedo Gilbrando Acevedo … Sanzabar the Genie / Creature of the Pool
  • Chris Lazzaro … Ray ‘Jailbird’ Barbones
  • Jillian Geurts … Young Hildie

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