INMATE ZERO aka PATIENTS OF A SAINT (2019) Reviews and overview

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Patients of a Saint aka Inmate Zero is a 2019 British zombie horror film directed by Russell Owen (Shepherd) from a screenplay co-written with Matthew J. Gunn.

The Golden Crab Film-Nubian Film production stars Philip McGinley, Jessie Williams, Christopher Dunne and Jane Garda.


When medical trials are pushed to their limits, the most extreme tests end up on St. Leonard’s Island in the North Atlantic, a re-purposed prison for some of the world’s most violent criminals. However, when one experiment goes wrong, the entire island becomes a terrifying, disease-riddled maze for desperate survivors…


Inmate Zero is […] well-acted and undeniably a well-shot horror film. So don’t let the “Americanized” retitle and artwork lead to you believe Russell Owen’s take on the zombie genre is a cheapjack bore fest: it’s packed with plenty of zom-action and top-notch gore effects for horror hounds who like it bloody n’ icky.” B&S About Movies

“The zombies in Inmate Zero (or Patients of a Saint) are pretty well and convincingly animated, they look bizarre and are mostly creepy. The visual component is complemented by the sound (zombie growls, squeals, and screams), so the complete atmosphere feels quite scary.” Horror Cellar

Cast and characters:

Philip McGinley … Brooks
Jessie Williams … Hockham
Christopher Dunne … Father Kitsell
Jane Garda … Warden Crowe (as Jane Garioni)
Lynne Anne Rodgers … Ruiz
Stacey Lynn Crowe … Prisoner
Michelle Nali … Prisoner
Savanna Hall … Prisoner
Francesca Cherruault … Stringer
Kate Bell … Doctor Bragg
Raymond Bethley … Woodhouse
Tom Clegg … New Patient
Veronica Jean Trickett … Moses
Meg Alexandra … Chloe
Gabz Barker … Stone’s Mother
Perry Jaques … Navigator
Meryl Griffiths … Liz
Jess Chanliau … Stone
Ria Morgan … Prisoner
Lydia Hourihan … Conway
Evan Rees … Franscene
Anastasia Borodina … Prisoner
Brian McGovern … Lennon
Jennifer Joseph … Butcher
Sarah Brazier … Prisoner

Technical details:

107 minutes


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