DEADLY PLAYTHINGS (2019) Reviews and not recommended


‘Time to play’

Deadly Playthings is a 2019 American supernatural horror feature film written and directed by Mark Polonia (Amityville Exorcism; Bigfoot vs Zombies; Sharkenstein; Feeders; Splatter Farm; et al. The SRS Cinema production stars Lilace Guignard, Sarah Duterte and Titus Himmelberger (Alien Surveillance; Frozen Sasquatch; It Kills).


A child’s mysterious doll, once home to restless and disembodied spirits, is handed down to the occupants of a new home. The doll, found hidden in the dark recesses of the basement, is adopted by a lonely, near mute, wheelchair bound girl.

Soon, the loving family is thrown into a living hell. But the violent deaths and supernatural occurrences bring the doll back into contact with the one person who may be able to help – its original owner. She knows what evil has taken roots within it, and ultimately what the spirit wants. It all leads to an explosive final showdown between psychic and demon, with the young girl’s soul hanging in the balance…

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“By now anyone who’s more than just a casual horror fan knows that any film with Polonia in the credits is a micro-budget affair […] Deadly Playthings is an enjoyable film on that level. I was disappointed with the lack of effects this time out. Even the cheesy effects of the brothers’ early films like Saurians would have been welcome. There are some distorted video effects, but sadly, that’s about it.” Jim Morazzini, Voices from the Balcony