FEEDERS (1995) Reviews and overview

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‘Earth was just an appetizer…’
Feeders is a 1995 American science fiction horror film directed by John Polonia, Mark Polonia (Black Mass; Blood Red Planet; Splatter Farm; et al) and Jon McBride (Woodchipper Massacre; Cannibal Campout) from a screenplay written by Mark Polonia.

A Christmas-themed sequel, Feeders II: Slay Bells, was released in 1998.


Two friends, Derek and Bennet, are travelling through Pennsylvania when they stumble across little grey aliens who land their flying saucer in the woods and start hunting and eating humans…

“My number one problem with the movie was that I could not stand the characters, because they were so bland. My number two problem was the special effects because they were universally awful. There was one rather good bloody skull with eyes prop, and there was an awesome shot of an alien gnawing on the doctor’s decapitated head. In the case of the doctor’s head scene, the special effects were still just plain awful, but the scene was priceless.” Bad Movies

“At one time or another, virtually every film ever made has been labeled the worst film ever made by some or another guy, who has hyperbolically vented his or her dislike for a film that in all likelihood wasn’t Feeders, but should have been if their sentiments were meant to be taken seriously. Feeders is a film that makes Plan 9 From Outer Space look positively sublime.” Comp One Flicks

“Bashing Feeders is kind of pointless. It was as low budget and terrible as you would expect just from looking at the video box. The aliens were puppets that looked ridiculous and the acting was awful. There is so much more that deserves to be trashed but I think it would be best if I just summed it up this way: This movie sucks.” Doctor Gore’s  Movie Reviews

“Now let me talk about the “aliens” in this film. I can easily say, without a doubt, that these are the worst, most idiotic, fake creatures, ever built. They move around the screen like Muppets on steroids, bobbing and flopping their rubbery heads with every step.” Something Awful

“The Polonia brothers had ten years of semi-pro film-making experience under their belts by this time, so you’d expect better than the same dull static shots, uneven editing, looped audio… and what the heck happened to all the awesome rotting corpse props from Splatter Farm? If they could afford the financial outlay to build stuff like that in 1986, why are they buying horror props from a supermarket in 1996?” To Obscurity and Beyond…

Cast and characters:
Jon McBride … Derek
John Polonia … Bennett
Sebastian Barran … Doctor
Maria Davis … Donna
Melissa Torpy … Michelle
Todd Carpenter … Fisherman
Gary LeBlanc … Ranger Gordon
Mark Polonia … Evil Bennett

Filming locations:
Mansfield and Wellsboro, Pennsylvania

In March 2003, Mark Polonia and Jon McBride wrote the following in response to the Something Awful’ website’s negative review of Feeders:

Feeders was a shot on video project that originally started out as “Invasion.” Once we saw the budget ($500 bucks, no kidding) and the aliens made for us (who couldn’t conquer a girls locker room), we knew we had to change the script. I scaled down the story and wrote something that could be shot in about five days, which is how long it roughly took. Locations were free until the cops showed up and beat us with nightsticks, and actors were… well, recruited in ways I shan’t discuss in public.

We intentionally tried to make a campy throwback (if I can use that word) to the sci-fi films of the 50s, except theirs turned out better. Blockbuster actually did pick it up, and although there were a few disappointed viewers, well okay more than a few, BB laughed all the way to the bank as Feeders became their #1 independent rental for 1996. You can take that however you want. Honestly, Feeders didn’t deserve a Big BB release, but then again, neither do most Hollywood products. Luck, what a fickle thing. Most people who have animosity towards Feeders always say they could do better… well, go right ahead!”