Reaching Distance – Australia, 2018

‘Take back control’

Reaching Distance is a 2018 Australian psychological thriller feature film written and directed by David Fairhurst. The movie stars Wade Briggs, Morgan Griffin, Sophia Forrest, Matt Day, Tara Morice and Eddie Baroo.


Having witnessed his twin sister’s death in a horrific car accident, cynic Logan is unable to move on, which leaves his life in tatters. Facing a night sleeping on the street, by sheer chance he finds Martin, the banker responsible for his sister’s death, and tracks him onto a night-rider bus.

Logan’s attempts at vengeance are thwarted by increasingly strange interactions with the other passengers, including an inquisitive nurse who insists she knows him, her jealous boyfriend despite his sure fire knowledge otherwise, two bickering teenagers and a pants-less homeless person whose unhinged religious ramblings might have more truth to them than he lets on.

Things take a turn for the bizarre as Logan is knocked unconscious and awakes to find the line between the past and present has fractured, as visions of his dead sister and vivid memories begin to replay within the confines of the bus…


” …the film is an incisive commentary on grief, forgiveness and memory and isn’t afraid to tackle philosophy with the way it depicts the different realities that its characters experience. The film might not be the most profound piece of art to deal with these topics, but it’s nevertheless an impressive effort from a debut director.” Kevin Hawkins, Film Blerg

“A mind-bending thriller that’s part The Matrix, a shade Groundhog Day and completely bonkers.” Pelican magazine

Cast and characters:

  • Wade Briggs … Logan
  • Morgan Griffin … Mo
  • Sophia Forrest … Tiff
  • Matt Day … Martin
  • Tara Morice … Reader
  • Eddie Baroo … Gilroy
  • Giselle van der Wiel … Chell
  • Jacqui Williams … Dana
  • Meyne Wyatt … Zach
  • Anna Bauert … Sandra
  • Tilly Bulle … Young Chell
  • Frederick Hama … Donald

Filming locations:

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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