CLOSETS (2010) Reviews and overview


‘Why does a man run toward evil?’

Closets is a 2010 American paranormal horror feature film directed by Charles Peterson (Hunting Evil; A Killer Awaits) from a screenplay written by David C. Hayes (Rottentail; VampegeddonReturn to Yucca Flats: Desert Man-Beast) and Bob Madia (Hunting Evil; You Can’t Kill Stephen King). The movie stars Patrick Adam, Corbin Bernsen, Brian Boyett and Darl Chryst.


Jonas Littleton is a good, but faulty man whose life had taken a sour detour – to a prison cell. After having admitted his guilt and serving his sentence, he makes a deal with a fortune teller to help turn his life around. Unfortunately, he unleashes a vile, hellish, repugnant demon too…


” …it’s surprisingly almost pretty good. The low production value, miscast actors […] and horrendous FX kill any chance of it being something I’d actually recommend, but I’ve seen enough of this sort of thing to recognize that they were at least on the right track. The redemption story is interesting, and there’s a twist at the end that I actually didn’t see coming…” Horror Movie a Day

Cast and characters:

  • Lanny Rethaber … Jonas Littleton – A Killer Awaits
  • Patrick Adam … Ron Tippard
  • Corbin Bernsen … Grant Erickson – Dead Air; Vipers; Fangs; Raptor; The Dentist and sequel; Tales from the Hood
  • Brian Boyett … Barkeep
  • Darl Chryst … Mrs. Ingalls
  • George I. Cortright … Jail Guard Bowers
  • Dena Esquivel Frederickson … Linda Littleton
  • Jackson Furedy … Melvin
  • Steve Furedy … Ferdie
  • Sallie Glaner … Wendy Erickson
  • Russell Hess … Attorney (voice)
  • Davina Joy … The Entity
  • Pete Kelly … Howard Boseman
  • Dustin Loehr … Steven Littleton – adult
  • Kathleen McLemore … Barfly
  • Margie Nash … HR executive