RAPTOR (2001) Reviews and overview

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‘Fear will never be extinct’

Raptor is a 2001 American science fiction horror feature film directed by Jim Wynorski [as Jay Andrews] and John Blush (Sharkzilla; Chupacabra; Kraken) from a screenplay by Frances Doel, Michael B. Druxman and Jim Wynorski. The Roger Corman produced movie stars Eric RobertsCorbin BernsenMelissa Brasselle and Tim Abell.


When a series of unexplained vicious animal attacks strikes his community, Sheriff Jim Tanner and his assistant Barbara trace them back to a Doctor Hyde, a former military researcher whose government funding for a dinosaur cloning project was cut.

When the Pentagon discovers Hyde obtained foreign backing to continue his experiments, they send in a strike team to save Tanner and Barbara and stop Hyde…


“If this movie had been filmed using the actual props and costumes of the previous movies instead of horribly badly-integrated stock footage, it actually would have been a really good Carnosaur 4 or Carnosaur remake, as a lot of the actual plot itself was pretty good.” Jeffrey Long, The B-Movie Shelf

“The dialogue is ludicrously pathetic, the acting can barely be described as acting […], the editing is terrible, and the dinosaur effects consist of very rubbery costumes (at times, the velociraptors waddle about like toothy ducks). But every bit of the low budget, B-movie mediocrity spectacularly adds to the hilarity.” Mike Massie, Gone with the Twins

“Instead of watching a new cheap dinosaur flick, I was just bombarded with the ‘best’ bits of the Carnosaur films (using the term ‘best’ lightly) and then given some meaningless dialogue and meaningless new scenes to string them all together and pad out the running time.” Andrew Smith, Popcorn Pictures

Raptor comes off as a cheap “best of” (figuratively speaking) version of the Carnosaur trilogy. Those who haven’t may enjoy the new storyline, but may find the weird jumps in logic and clips hard to follow. If you’re looking for a silly little dinosaur flick and enjoy suffering through cheap (un)special effects, wooden acting and plot holes a brontosaurus could walk through, then Raptor is for you.” Review-O-Matic

Cast and characters:

  • Eric Roberts … Sheriff Jim Tanner – Sorority Slaughterhouse; Camp Dread; Sharktopus; et al
  • Corbin Bernsen … Doctor Hyde – Vipers; FangsThe Dentist; Tales from the Hood
  • Melissa Brasselle … Barbara Phillips – Camel Spiders; The Wasp Woman; Sorceress; et al
  • Tim Abell … Capt. Connellly
  • William Monroe … Capt. York
  • Harrison Paige … Deputy Ben Glover
  • Lorissa McComas … Lola Tanner
  • Frank Novack … Lyle Schell
  • Grant Cramer … Josh McCoy
  • Teresa DePriest … Karen
  • Eric James … Brady
  • James Cromwell … Benny
  • Alexandra Raines Lewinson … Devinger
  • GiGi Erneta … Henderson
  • Adam Gordon … Deputy Mike Baltin
  • Michael Cavanaugh … Col. Vandamar
  • Ted Monte … Tommy Leonetti
  • Robert Clotworthy … Doctor
  • Richard Gabai … Lewis
  • Tippy Lemond … Stadek
  • Lenny Juliano … Morgue clerk
  • Bruce Nozick … FBI agent
  • Rod McCary … General Mayhem
  • Brian Graham … Coroner
  • Ivan Kraljevic … SWAT Lieutenant Nash
  • Adam Lieberman … Deputy Balton
  • Tony Voci … Helicopter Pilot

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