Preternatural – UK, 2015

Preternatural is a 2015 British comedy horror feature film directed by Gav Chuckie Steel from a screenplay written by Paul Dixon Barker [as Dixon Barker], who also stars. The Deadbolt Films-A Gang of Giants production also stars Robert D.D. Barker, Dan Bone and John Brown.


When amateur filmmakers Gav and Dixon set out to make a Blair Witch-style horror spoof about the preternatural, they find out that Mark- one of the actors they have hired – is not all he seems.

After a misunderstanding, Mark destroys the video camera Gav and Dixon have been using and the line between reality and fiction becomes increasingly blurred. A genre-bending voyage into the unknown ensues, as the ‘reel’ and the ‘real’ collide…


” …Preternatural was reportedly made with a £100 ($150) budget, so what Steel and Barker have accomplished is even more astounding. A handful of friends, a good idea, woods nearby, and the nerve to pull it off. The film does reward the viewer’s patience.” Roger Leatherwood, Found Footage Critic

” …you might find yourself groaning at the lameness of some of the gags or even at how forced some of it is; but stick with it, because as things progress, it becomes as clever and bafflingly brilliant as anything made for many thousands more than its £150 budget.” Martin Unsworth, Starburst

“Writers/directors Dixon Barker and Gav Chuckie Steel are fully aware that they are not Hollywood grade actors – so they make do with what they’ve got! In this case it’s humor and general lad’s banter – they manage to carry a large portion of the film on sarcasm and piss-taking behavior. Strangely enough – it works!” Top Found Footage Films

Cast and characters:

  • Paul Dixon Barker … Dixon / Paul (as Dixon Barker)
  • Robert D.D. Barker … Caretaker
  • Dan Bone … Dan
  • John Brown … John
  • Jasmine Hoare … Fairy
  • Mark Lockhart … Mark
  • Evie Rixon … Evie
  • Ben Shockley … Executive
  • Gav Chuckie Steel … Gav / Gavin
  • Jane West … Jane
  • Mark Williams … Mark


The film’s stated budget was just £100.

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