The Dead Can’t Dance – USA, 2010 – reviews

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‘The first ones here will be the last to leave!’

The Dead Can’t Dance is a 2010 American comedy horror feature film written, directed by and starring Rodrick Pocowatchit (Red Hand). The Harmy Films production also stars Guy Ray Pocowatchit, T.J. Williams and Randall Aviks.


Three Native Americans discover they are somehow immune to a virus that’s turning everyone else into zombies…

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” …it’s definitely not a horrible film but rather a pretty decent zombie flick. I’m sure some Native Americans might find it a little racist, especially when they mention Natives being alcoholics. However, I had a fun time with it and I encourage any zombie fan to check it out some time.” Rick Romanowski, Buy Zombie

“With laugh out loud witticisms and thought-provoking discussions, you realize that after all that Native American’s have survived, the zombies won’t stand a chance. The truth of the story offers a poignant and sweetly poetic twist that leaves you feeling content.” Stolen Nation

The Dead Can’t Dance is currently available to stream via Amazon Prime.

Cast and characters:

  • Rodrick Pocowatchit … Dax Wildhorse
  • Guy Ray Pocowatchit … Ray Wildhorse
  • T.J. Williams … Eddie Wildhorse
  • Randall Aviks … Clooney
  • Wade Hampton … Stupid zombie
  • Christopher Arena … Scary Zombie (as Sir Christopher)
  • Anthony Caster … Skateboard Zombie
  • Joshua Cates … Zombie That Gets Stabbed
  • Zachary Cates … Zombie That Gets Shot
  • David Dillinger Jefferis … Zombie
  • Tonia Land … Girl at Rest Area
  • Chelsea Lee … School Teacher
  • Dustin Parker … Zombie That Gets Leg Torn off
  • Brent Wistrom … Zombie
  • Michael ‘Archie’ Archibold … Radio Announcer (voice)

Technical credits:

98 minutes

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