The Horrific Evil Monsters – USA, 2020 – preview

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The Horrific Evil Monsters is a 2020 horror feature film directed by Adam R. Steigert (Fang; A Grim Becoming; Ombis: Alien Invasion). The 388 Studios-ARS Films production stars Dawna Lee Heising, Kaylee Williams, Gregory Blair and Melodie Roehrig.


A secret government agency code named T.H.E.M. recruits some of the most hazardous horror and science fiction characters of all time – a zombie, an alien, a werewolf, a grim reaper, and an unstoppable masked killer – to fight the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse…

The Horrific Evil Monsters is currently filming with the intention of a 2020 release.

Cast and characters:

  • Dawna Lee Heising … Winney Swinney – The Krampus Carol; Meathook Massacre 4; Amityville: Evil Never Dies; After School Massacre; et al
  • Kaylee Williams … Anna – Ahockalypse; Mrs. Claus; Porkchop 3D; et al
  • Gregory Blair … Famine – Ugly Sweater Party;Garden Party Massacre; Ooga Booga; et al
  • Melodie Roehrig … Samantha Romero – Fang
  • Chris Drexel … Agent Molson / Kufa
  • Bishop Stevens … Alex Creed
  • Jennie Russo … Olcay (Conquest)
  • Will Nemi … Obji
  • Jason John Beebe … Marcos (aka War) – Ombis: Alien Invasion, Crossbreed
  • Bill Smith … Agent Short
  • Xia Orozco … Mrs. Unknown
  • Taylor Martin … Geeky Pet Store Clerk
  • Sheri Fairchild … Stage Crew
  • Michael O’Hear … William Sanders
  • Kristin Steigert … Doctor Steigert / BGOAR

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