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‘Blood makes you related. Loyalty makes you family.’

The Blood Hunter is a 2019 American horror feature film co-written and co-directed by Trevor Styles and Chas Llewellyn. The movie stars Tom Paxinos, Timothy Patrick Quill, Amy Truax and Dan Hicks.


John Deckard (Tom Paxinos) is a broken man. He has nothing going for him; he has lost his brother, wife, job and now a group of bloodthirsty vampires is after him. In response, Deckard joins an elite group of vampire hunters called the Blood Hunters. In doing so, he finds redemption along the way and becomes the man he was meant to be…


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The Blood Hunter blew me away! The graphics were far better than I could have imagined for such a low budget film. If you enjoy blood and guts, this movie is for you […] On top of the graphics, the sound mixing and even the soundtrack were great.” Reel Reviews Over Brews

“At times this story felt a little bit confusing, there were aspects that felt a little underdeveloped, while for some of the action parts it felt sometimes that characters were just stood around not really doing much. All in all though the directing and the cinematography led to some nice moments that low budget or not didn’t fail to impress.” Daniel Simmonds, The Rotting Zombie

Cast and characters:

  • Tom Paxinos … Deckard
  • Timothy Patrick Quill … Vinnie
  • Amy Truax … Moxie
  • Dan Hicks … Dick
  • Gary Busby … Eli
  • Geremy Lee Pepper … Master Vampire
  • Gary Halsten … Carpezzo
  • Benjamin Dawley-Anderson … Jacob
  • Iryna Rodionova … Star
  • Chas Llewellyn … Caleb
  • Carlie Dodd … Kayla
  • Kaden Sterkenburg … Brendan
  • Kimberly Rimer … Marissa
  • Danielle Paxinos … Mandy
  • Stacey Faldetta … Sarah
  • Aaron Malek … Mack
  • Dan Proffitt … Bodyguard
  • Cortney Llewellyn … Amber
  • Aric Weber … Chris
  • Gabriel Maleck … Matt
  • Robert Bradley … Poker
  • Sam Lustig … Barista & Pizza Waiter
  • Trevor Sherner … Step-Dad Brad
  • Jeff Walters … Otis
  • Isabella Weatherwax … Lucy
  • Jeremy Cherer … Frost
  • Pete Nolan III … Gary
  • Richard Phillip Glenn Hill … Reggie
  • Ricardo Martinez-Shepard … Tom
  • Lance Weber … Gunner
  • Paul McCarter … Deputy Colson
  • Azaria Jones … Harper
  • Kadynce Alyse Busby … Jenny
  • Sarah Elizabeth Holm … Tawny Graves
  • Mikenzie Kuntz … Heather
  • Chris Candelaria … Sheriff Daniels
  • Peter Nolan … Gary
  • Jared Lausch … Lausch

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