PROJECT ITHACA (2018) Reviews and overview



‘They were always here’

Project Ithaca is a 2018 Canadian science fiction horror feature film directed by Nicholas Humphries (Mermaid’s Song; ABCs of Death 2.5  “M is for Messiah”; Death Do Us Part) from a screenplay written by Anthony Artibello and Kevin C. Bjerkness. The Wild Media Entertainment production stars James Gallanders, Deragh Campbell, Daniel Fathers, Alex Woods, Caroline Raynaud and Konima Parkinson-Jones.


A group of strangers awaken aboard an alien spacecraft. Divided they will die. Together, they can find a way home…


Project Ithaca will be released in select theaters and on demand on June 7, 2019. The movie premiered at the American Film Market (AFM) in Santa Monica, California, on November 1st, 2018.


“I did appreciate the storyline after all its points were resolved, though I feel viewers might not endure the entire run if patience is an issue. As stated earlier, this film is true science fiction that offers an original premise and outcome. I predict viewers will either love or hate it splitting the reaction to it right down the middle.” HNN

Cast and characters:

  • James Gallanders … John Brighton – Saw II, Bride of Chucky; Mutant X TV series
  • Deragh Campbell … Sera
  • Daniel Fathers … Perry Bulmer – The Void; Pontypool
  • Alex Woods … Zack Chase – The Dead Zone TV series
  • Caroline Raynaud … Alex Gauthier
  • Konima Parkinson-Jones … Rhonda Woods
  • Greg Ellwand … Doctor Prager
  • Sofie Holland … Samantha Bulmer
  • Justin James Remeikis … Military Subordinate
  • Ayesha Mansur Gonsalves … Prison Doctor
  • Stephane Paquette … Slimeball John
  • Taylor Thorne … Young Sera
  • John Novak … General Allister Borland
  • Kelly Lamb … Elisabeth Brighton
  • Axel Green … Dealer

Filming locations:

Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Working title:

Grim Trigger