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‘A hero’s tale of blood, sweat, and shears’

Shed of the Dead is a 2018 British comedy horror feature film written and directed by Drew Cullingham (A Vampire’s Tale).

The 7DM Studios production stars Bill Moseley, Kane Hodder, Michael Berryman, Emily Booth, Spencer Brown, Lauren Socha, Ewen MacIntosh, plus Brian Blessed as the narrator.


Official synopsis:

Trevor is “between jobs.” He spends his days avoiding his wife by hiding out in his allotment shed and painting figurines for his war games with his agoraphobic friend, Graham, and dreaming of his heroic alter-ego, the battle mage Casimir the Destroyer.

When Mr Parsons (Kane Hodder), one of the other allotment tenants, petitions to have Trevor removed from his disgrace of a plot, a violent argument ensues that inadvertently leaves Trevor with a corpse to hide.

Unfortunately, this untimely accident coincides with the zombie apocalypse, and Mr Parsons’ return is just the beginnings of Trevor’s problems.

More pressing is whether or not he should try to save his wife Bobbi (Lauren Socha) and her attractive best friend Harriet (Emily Booth), whom both he and Graham have a thing for…


“The third act fizzles out a bit. Mostly because Trevor has been a self-centered prick throughout the movie. His wife, Bonni has been a one-note nagging shrew. What plays out at the end doesn’t really work because they’re the two least likable characters in the movie. […] It’s not perfect. It’s rough around the edges. But it made me laugh quite a few times.” Ain’t It Cool News

“There are fun fantasy elements and some pretty decent gore gags throughout. Obvious comparisons aside, Shed of the Dead is a really entertaining horror-comedy which gets the balance between the two just about right […] This is perfect “after the pub” fare and worth your time.” Flash Bang Film Reviews

“While hardly a Romero-level epic, Shed of the Dead pulls its weight as a funny, suspenseful, gore-drenched zombie romp that takes a nice, big, juicy chomp out of the genre and really gives us something to chew on.” HK and Cult Film News

“By running with its nastiness and cynicism (and, crucially, Socha) Shed of the Dead does eventually come into its own, emerging as more than just another rip-off; a cruder, cheaper, dirtier alternative with some surprisingly effective tricks up its sleeve. Granted, you’ve seen most of it before, but not quite like this.” Horror DNA

” …it’s nothing horror-comedy fans haven’t seen before. It’s high in production value and performance. It has horror cameos and a couple zombies. But it’s nothing explosive and it doesn’t contain anything that makes me say wow. I didn’t hate it, though.” Horror Society


“The titles and credits are the most creative and imaginative parts of this horror comedy which is a shame. The characters where a little 2D, sometimes the acting didn’t match up to the script and it just needed to be more humorous.” OC Reviews

“Avoiding the pitfalls of other independent zombie films (mostly trying to do too much with too little), director Cullingham makes the smart choice to focus down hard to the characters rather than the gore, with the money splashed at the right moments and the bad taste humour picking up the slack throughout.” Phil’s Quick Capsule Review


“Overall, the cast does a good job. Particularly notable is Spencer Brown who turns the protagonist, Trevor, into a likeable character. I also enjoyed the chemistry and relationship arc of Trevor and his wife. Even though I never felt fully invested in the characters or story, in the end, Shed of the Dead is a fun and entertaining mix worth checking out.” Tennessee Horror

“What I wasn’t expecting was how much of the film is actually somewhat serious. There’s even a couple of fairly poignant moments mixed in with the jokes and carnage. Shed of the Dead isn’t the next Shaun of the Dead, it’s not even the next Me and My Mates vs. The Zombie Apocalypse. But it is a painless enough way to kill some time…” Voices from the Balcony

Shooting a green screen scene with Emily Booth
Brian Blessed narrating

Cast and characters:

  • Kane Hodder … Mr Parsons
  • Bill Moseley … Doc
  • Michael Berryman … Derek
  • Brian Blessed … Narrator (voice)
  • Lauren Socha … Bobbi – Fanged Up
  • Emily Booth … Harriet
  •  Ewen MacIntosh … Graham – Killer Weekend; Fanged Up
  • James Fisher … Peter
  • Penny Judd … Zombie
  • Warren Speed … Pervo the Clown – director of Coulrophobia; Zombie Women of Satan
  • Jamie Long … Paramedic Joe (as Jamie Roberts)
  • Colin Murtagh … Biker Zombie
  • Frank Jakeman … Ted
  • Evie Scott … Zombie Bride
  • Julian Nest … Birch
  • Spencer Brown … Trevor
  • Filiz Fairweather … Zombie
  • Antony D. Lane … Greg
  • Finbarr Delaney … Matty
  • Clare Lean … Irene

NB. Not to be confused with The Shed (Frank Sabatella, USA, 2019) or Shed (David Axe, USA, 2019).

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