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‘They are not here in peace’

Landing Lake is a 2017 Italian-British science fiction horror feature film written, produced and directed by Cesare P. Libardi di K. The Filmablast production stars Victoire Vecchierini, Emma Bown, Aaron Stielstra and Phil Zimmerman.


A team of satellite technicians enter the woods to repair a communication station but they are forced to rescue the crew of an airplane that crashed near a lake. They quickly realise that something may be coming from the lake that is affecting their minds and the passing of time. As they lose their inhibitions their most primal desires take hold.

Lured on by the unseen entity it seems that only one of the team is permitted to bond with it and so be reborn in a new physical body. A terrifying game of strategy not to survive, but rather to die with the promise of life anew…

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“There’s a fair amount of body horror on display, with one character melting into a giant pile of guts and blood. But there’s also more than a fair amount sheer nonsense. And not in a good way. In a way that makes this film seem like it’s ten times longer than its actual running time. There is a pretty cool synth soundtrack, though.” B&S About Movies

“Libardi di K. ‘s film does seem to aim in several directions and never quite hit any of its targets. Some hallucinatory moments suggest that we could be in for an increasingly trippy experience where you maybe don’t know what’s real and what isn’t, but things all but stop going in that direction.” Horror Cult Films

“From its obnoxiously long opening credits to its final scene, Landing Lake is a test of endurance and frustration that the viewer is guaranteed to fail […] This wouldn’t come off so bad if Libardi di K. wasn’t so spastic with his editing, which doesn’t do any favors of making the film easier to follow. At some point, it just becomes easier to stop trying to make sense of anything and just wonder how far off the rails this is going to go. And that’s pretty low.” Lyles Movie Files

Landing Lake was shot in Super35mm in the woods around Trentino, Italy and it looks beautiful. The dark, foggy woods ooze atmosphere and menace. The synth-based score by Corrado Pollacci adds greatly to that feeling. Logic, however, is in much shorter supply […] it throws all manner of things at the screen to keep the plot moving forward. And for the most part, it works.” Voices from the Balcony

“While the film does a good job of playing on your senses the use of color filters is overplayed. The score succeeds at making an ominous, repetitive tone of dread but that’s not good in this case either as it’s too repetitive to the point of annoyance […] Actor Lee Ravitz drones on for so long his character becomes annoying which is done intentionally but makes you not to want to watch any further more than just hate his character.” Without Your Head


Landing Lake was released in the USA by High Octane Pictures on VOD and DVD on July 9, 2019.

Cast and characters:

Victoire Vecchierini … Georgie
Emma Bown … Ann
Aaron Stielstra … Matt – Curse of the Blind Dead; Wastelander; Dark Silence aka The Blind King; Zombie Massacre 2: Reich of the Dead; Anger of the Dead; Starship Troopers
Phil Zimmerman … Jack – Dracula Untold
Veronica Osimani … Elisabeth
Franck Assi … Phil
Joanna-Leigh Hewitt … Alexandra
Craig Peritz … Robert
Lee Ravitz … Mike

Filming locations:

Trentino, Italy

Technical details:

98 minutes
Aspect ratio: 1.85: 1


British horror

Italian horror

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