NIGHT HUNTER (2018) Reviews and overview

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Night Hunter is a 2018 Canadian-American psychological thriller about a weary cop and a vigilante caught up with a troubled man linked to years of female abductions and murders.

Written and directed by David Raymond, the movie stars Henry Cavill (Justice League), Ben Kingsley (Species), Alexandra Daddario (True Detective), Stanley Tucci (The Hunger Games franchise), Minka Kelly, Nathan Fillion and Brendan Fletcher (Rampage).


On the hunt for an elusive serial murderer, battle-hardened cop Marshall (Henry Cavill) crosses paths with vigilante duo Cooper (Ben Kingsley) and Julia (Eliana Jones) as they trap online predators and deliver their own extreme methods of justice.

When Julia is kidnapped, Marshall, Cooper and the police hunt down the perpetrator but the psychologically damaged man they capture only deepens the mystery surrounding the killings.

Good-cop Rachel (Alexandra Daddario) believes the captured killer, who is linked to years of female abductions and murders, is harbouring multiple personalities, one of which may hold answers. But with Marshall taking a harder stance, pressure from the Commissioner (Stanley Tucci), and a public out for blood, the plot thickens.

Then when those involved in the case, on both sides of the law, start turning up dead, it becomes a race against time to get inside the mind of the killer before it’s too late…


Night Hunter is an interesting spin on the crime thriller which pits the rough against the smooth to create a twisty and complex drama. Cavill holds his end up well whilst cameos from the likes of Stanley Tucci and Nathan Fillion are an unexpected bonus. At times the plot does get messy and bogged down.” Backseat Mafia

“It felt like the kind of film that a popular DP in Hollywood is directing for the first time (I have no idea if that is true). And as the movie went on the casting of Cavill became more than just odd and showed to be a sign that the movie just didn’t know what it was doing or what it wanted to be. It felt more like a series of scenes happening one after another that were loosely tied like a sketch action show.” Bulletproof Action

Night Hunter is a misfire so bad that it taints the resume of all involved. Its only redeeming quality is a scenery-chewing performance that borders on cartoon rather than something that lends itself seriously to the story, but then again, nothing here aligns. It’s all just a bunch of ideas smashed together incoherently and without purpose.” Flickering Myth

“The most annoying thing about a movie that’s simultaneously as preachy and grim as Night Hunter isn’t that it’s ideologically repugnant, but that it’s also dramatically inert and actively unpleasant. I, myself, am a Stanley Tucci man (he is money in the bank, except maybe in the “Hunger Games” movies), but even I cringed when he, as the stereotypically overworked Commish, tries to take a swing at Simon…”

Press release blurb:

Night Hunter combines the tense, psychological investigation of killer classics such as Silence of the Lambs and Zodiac with fast-paced twists, turns and edge-of-your-seat action, to provide one of 2019’s darkest and most daring thrillers.”


In the UK, Signature Entertainment released Night Hunter in cinemas on Digital HD on 13th September 2019. A Digital HD release is due 4th November and DVD 11th November 2019.

Cast and characters:

  • Alexandra Daddario … Rachel
  • Henry Cavill … Marshall
  • Minka Kelly
  • Stanley Tucci … Commissioner Harper
  • Nathan Fillion
  • Ben Kingsley … Cooper
  • Sara Thompson … Julie
  • Eliana Jones … Lara
  • Brendan Fletcher … Simon
  • Emma Tremblay … Faye
  • Mpho Koaho … Glasgow
  • Kristen Harris … Doctor
  • Daniela Lavender … Dickerman
  • Carlyn Burchell … Amy Stulls
  • Jason Tremblay … Robert (as Jason P. Tremblay)

Production companies:

  • Arcola Entertainment
  • Arise Pictures
  • Buffalo Gal Pictures
  • Fortitude International
  • PalmStar Media

Technical details:

98 minutes

Original title:



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