ABSTRUSE (2019) Preview


‘Violent pursuit of a dark mind’

Abstruse is a 2019 American thriller feature film written, directed and produced by Harley Wallen (Enigma; Ash and Bone; Agramon’s Gate; Taken Over). The movie stars Tom Sizemore (The Pining; Black Wake; et al), Dennis Haskins (Dismembered), Kaiti Wallen, Kris Reilly (Enigma) and Harley Wallen himself.


Two young women Amanda (Kaiti Wallen) and Mindy (Jessika Johnson) along with their friend Jess (Jesi Jensen) get themselves into a very compromising situation that proves life-changing, the aftermath is almost worse as all trails of the event has been wiped out and all of a sudden the tables turn and Amanda goes from being the victim to the accused.

Amanda’s father, Max (Tom Sizemore) decides to look into it only to realise it’s much bigger than they first anticipated…


Writer-director Harley Wallen recalls: “I remember writing the script and I had my good friend and fellow filmmaker Jerry Hayes read it and he came back and said “I love it, great script! But who’s playing Max, that’s not a simple role Harley… That’s a Mickey Rourke or Tom Sizemore role!” I hadn’t thought about the dilemma of the anti-hero so I did what any good filmmaker should do, reached out to them and I must say I love Tom’s performance in the film!”

“Also, I got a chance to cast our dear Mr Belding, the amazing Dennis Haskins in a great role the way you’ve never seen him, I’m not spoiling this one, watch the movie!” Wallen added.